Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What are you passionate about?

Rob and I have been having a lot of discussions lately about our passions. What are they? What has God called us to do? How are we living that out?

I must confess that it is hard for me to do some of my passions at this stage of my life. I am currently a slave to nap schedules and early bed times. But God reminds me in my quiet times with Him that this is a stage. One that passes by too quickly and that this is my ministry right now.

Side note- I believe that your ministry and your calling are two different things. I am called to follow Christ. I am called to live a life that is that is centered around Him and to live my life in a way that is a testimony to His goodness and grace. My ministry changes often. My calling never does.

At certain times in my life my ministry has been to teaching children. At other times it has been working with technical teams to produce a worship service that glorified God in its excellence and passion. Right now my ministry is my family.

However, the question remains- what are you passionate about?

I am passionate about changed lives. I love when people use their love of theatre to write/produce/or act in a skit on a Sunday morning only to discover that they can use their talents to bless others. I love when the owner of a construction company signs up to run a camera and discovers their part in the body of Christ. I love when a lawyer decides to go on a mission trip and comes back radically changed. I love when a high school student tutors children on the weekends instead of going to the typical parties.

I am passionate about changed lives, creativity and excellence for the kingdom, and authentic relationships with Christ. What are you passionate about?


Carmen & Eddie said...

Preach it sister!!!! So right on the head with the difference between calling and minisetry! I have had the same reassurance from God in the quiet times when I miss the students, the stage, ect... As for my passion- praising God.

This post so touched my heart, only making the wish that you lived closer even bigger!!!

Dawn Lovo said...

You are right! Your ministry right now is your family. And it does go by so fast. But when your child leads someone else to Christ, there is no prouder moment! It is all worth it!

As for passion, mine is His Word. I cannot get enough! So much so that doing a "bible studies" with a book about the bible just seems to skim the surface. You wouldn't believe how much God has taught me this past year studying Genesis! It is truly a love letter written for us!