Saturday, May 19, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request!!

Friends- I humbly come before you and ask you to drop what you are doing and pray right now for my cousin, Elliot Patterson Williams. She is 36 years old, has two small children, and is battling Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer.

It seems that everyone has a loved one or a dear friend who is fighting this terrible disease so I know how easy it is to become desensitized to it. But if you are able, please add this amazing woman to your prayer list. She is truly a daughter of the King. Handcrafted and wonderfully made by His loving hands. Her entire family is comprised of faithful servants who trust in our Savior, Jesus Christ and who trust in His ultimate plan for Elliot's life. However, we still pray for mercy, for strength, and ultimately for healing.

I honestly can't write too much more. I get too emotional, but I am just going to post some recent pictures of me and Elliot. Of course there are hundreds more from before the digital age and one of these days I will dig them out and scan them in, but for now I am going to post these so you can see this beautiful face and remember her in your prayers.

She is a wife. A young mother. A beloved daughter. An adored big sister. A Granddaughter. A cousin. A niece. A friend to so many. But mainly, she is a follower of Jesus Christ.

Pray for her. Pray for her husband and children. Pray for those who are ministering to her right now in her time of helpless need. Pray for wisdom for her doctors. Pray for wisdom and understanding for her entire family as they navigate these new and terrifying waters.

"I rise before dawn and cry for help. I have put my hope in your word.". Psalm 119:147.

Me and Ellie at the Iron Bowl a few years ago. She is the only Auburn fan that I would actually hug during the game. And yes, being an Auburn fan is her one and only major flaw. :-)

Elliot was 7 months pregnant at my wedding. Isn't she the most beautiful pregnant woman ever?

Elliot and Wyatt were at the hospital when Bennett was born. This was Elliot's first glimpse of her  brand new cousin.

And then a few months later, I took 5 month old Bennett to meet Elliot's new baby, Bradford.

Another baby for our family! Elliot meeting Will for the first time.

My Mom's entire side of the family with our beloved Grandmother, Polly Patterson.
Bennett loves her cousin!!

And so do I!!

This was taken just a month before her diagnosis. We had absolutely no idea what was in store for our family at this point.

The strongest woman that I know.

"For I am the LORD your GOD who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, DO NOT FEAR, I WILL HELP YOU."  Isaiah 42:13.

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Brittny said...

Praying my dear friend!!!! It breaks my heart to read, hear, see, know that this is happening. Growing up, Elliot was the big sister I didn't have. I still have a really hard time wrapping my head around all of this. So much love to you and your entire family. Prayers!!!!!!