Sunday, September 22, 2013

And she's walking!

I took this video of Lainey yesterday. She started taking a few steps right before she turned 11 months. Last week she was taking 3-4 steps. A few days ago she was taking 6 steps. And yesterday she took 15.

So, maybe she's not exactly walking, but 15 steps at a time is sure getting there. Please ignore my voice. Very embarrassing. And Will's underwear on the floor. That's not embarrassing. That's just life.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

What I've Been Doing.....

.... Not updating this blog. That's for sure. But I have been really busy.

1. Pulling wagons

2. Watching football!

3. Making cookies for said football games.

 4.Reading books to this little one. Or letting her read to herself.

 5.Bathing the dog.

6. Hanging out with friends. Old and new ones.

7. Spending hours trying to get all three of these kiddos in bed.

8. Sitting at soccer games. And ballet classes. And piano lessons. 

9.Rescuing Lainey from older brothers who love to squeeze.

10.Riding bikes with friends.

11. And eating yogurt with them.

12. Teaching drama

13. Playing with the cutest baby on this planet!
Life is busy, tiring, exhausting, and just plain awesome. It really is. Thankful for all of these blessings that have been keeping me busy.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Visit with friends from Kansas

At the end of August one of my dear friends from Kansas and her daughter came all the way to Alabama for a visit. How awesome is that? Krista was such a good friend to me while I lived in Kansas. It's hard living 14 hours away from your family when you have a 2 year old and a 1 year old. I spent many many mornings at Krista's house armed with a cup of coffee and a survivor mentality. I had an army of ladies in KC that were my rocks during those crucial toddler years and Krista was one of the main ones.

Her daughter Rachel is only about 6 weeks younger than Will and so they became fast friends. He has missed her terribly this year and so we were thrilled that they could fly out and give us all a chance to catch up and reconnect.

Look at this picture of the babies. Babies, I tell you!!! Rachel is the one in between Bennett and Will and the two precious kids on the left are Bennett's best buddies, Levi and Crosby. Oh, how I miss these kids!

And here are Will and Rachel the week before we moved to 'Bama.

And here they are 14 months later! Don't they look so much older? It's only been 14 months! Man I need time to slow down.
We had an absolute blast while they were here. They got to come to our house and experience the wacky Webster life for a few days and then we headed to the beach! You can't travel all the way from Kansas and not make it to the beach at least once. Here are some pics from our jaunt down to Panama City Beach. We spent all day on the beach and in the pool and then that night we headed over to Pier Park for some carnival rides and dessert. It was a perfect day.

Headed to the beach! Let's do this thing!
We're here!!!!

After a fabulous weekend, we sadly had to say good-bye to our friends. Rachel adored meeting Lainey and I began to wonder if she would miss her more than Bennett and Will.
 And I must point out that Will is older than Rachel. He is just a little guy.
Come back soon, Krista and Rachel!! We miss you guys already!