Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

Many more pictures of our spooky adventures to come. But first, here is the official Webster Family Halloween picture from 2013. The Three Little Pigs meet The Commodores.
 And here is how we went trick or treating.
Because every good actress knows that it is all about the costume change, dahlin'. Happy Halloween, everyone!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Blue Ridge, Georgia

We are back. We have actually been back for awhile. Since I haven't updated the blog, all five of you who read this might have thought that I just decided to stay in my mountain cabin forever. Let me tell you something, I considered it. I honestly think I could stay wrapped up in a quilt on a porch in the mountains overlooking a stream forever. And all though that's all I wanted to do while I was in Blue Ridge, I did have a crying baby, a little boy demanding we play air hockey every 20 seconds, and a husband off taking photography leaving me with the daughter who was always "needing" me. So, maybe I'll sit on the porch one of these days. Maybe in 20 years?

But here are some pictures from our trip. I would love to make this an annual tradition, but then again, there are so many other places I would love to go see and explore. But I am glad I get to check this one off of the list.

Our weekend in Blue Ridge, Ga. Fall festivals, apple picking, hiking, wagon rides, and more.

Rob took these beautiful pictures when he was out and about. I never really post any of his photography here, but it is amazing. I get more shots of people, but he gets the places and moments.
He always gets up early whenever we are on trips and gets gorgeous shots of the landscape. Bennett has started going with him and I think they make their best memories at 6am jaunting all throughout back roads. Love both of my photographers.
Anyway, here is a shot from the general store in downtown Blue Ridge. My parents drove in as well and met us there. Isn't it perfect?

Will found a train. And a cake push pop. He was in heaven.
And I found a porch. I was in heaven.
And here are some shots from the next day. A fall festival, Lainey's first time getting her face painted, and a hike through the woods to a beautiful suspended bridge.
The next day we went to Mercier Orchards. I had heard wonderful thigns about this place, and it was fun, but it was extremely corwded. I think it was quaint and novel a decade ago and now it has become a victim of it's own success. But we had fun picking apples and you can' ever go wrong with fresh baked fried apple pies.
We hung out at our cabin in the afternoons so Lainey bug could sleep. She ran a steady fever of 102 our entire trip and was pretty much miserable the whole time. We had taken her to the doctor just before we left and sadly it was just a nasty virus so there wasn't much we could do but wait it out. But while she slept the rest of us hung out at our gorgeous cabin. Rob built a fire in the pit and B and W had a blast exploring everywhere.
That night we did something incredibly cool. We drove about half an hour to this little town right on the Tennessee and Georgia border. A man had a restaurant/store right beside his house on his property. He had also panted acres and acres of apple trees. So we met another family at his restaurant and he loaded us up on a wagon and drove us all through his orchards. He stopped a couple of times so the kids could pick apples and then he drove us to a little clearing on his land. A friend of his was there with a guitar playing music the whole time and we roasted hotdogs and smores and he also served us chili and cornbread. It was intimate, quaint, and filled with local flavor. I loved it!
 I love this picture of B spinning. For some reason she looks like Alice in Wonderland to me.
 We were able to get off the wagon and pick apples as we went. It really could not have been more picturesque.
 This was the local musician who entertained us during dinner. I loved him. I seriously want to hang out with him every night. He was such a character. Just my style.
 Roasting hot dogs.
It took Rob about 30 minutes to join in. I was shocked it took that long.
 My family.
 Heck, yeah!
 Listening to some music on a gorgeous Fall night. Perfect.
 Daddy Suttle with his only boy. After two daughters and 5 granddaughters, he was bound to get one boy. And he sure did get a great one.
Yup. This sums up how Lainey felt the entire time. Poor little bug.
 This is how we spent our evenings.
And then we sadly left this beautiful little town to head home. But what a great weekend of cooler temps, fall colors, and lots of great family time.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Things may look like Fall, but.....

My kitchen table may look like this.

And my mantle may look like this. (Side note #1. It's a work in progress. Not happy with the look yet.)
And my front steps may even look like this.

So, from all outside appearance, it may look like Fall.


NOT when the outside temperature looks like this.

(Side note #2. I don't live in Kitsap. I don't know where that is. And it is not 90 degree. It is 80. But it might as well be 90 because that's what it feels like!!!)

I went to college in East Tennessee where my Falls look liked this.
And even in Kansas City, they looked like this.
And more than just looking like Fall, they felt like Fall. Cool weather with winds gently blowing and leaves falling. That amazing smell in the air as people are lighting fires for the first time sine March. Women are wearing scarves and boots and kids are being sent to school with cute corduroy jackets. Ahhhh..... I can't stand it. So, even though it sort of looks like Fall around here, it most certainly does not feel like it. So, I am doing something about it. I am off to the mountains, y'all. I shook my fist at Mother Nature, declared her the winner, and immediately booked a cabin for a weekend getaway. I'll be back shortly after I have watched orange leaves falling from trees while wearing a scarf and drinking apple cider. See ya!