Thursday, February 4, 2021

We're still alive!

Well, friends, it's been awhile. Three years to be precise. I really don't have an excuse. Except that we have been busy.


Church, dance, soccer, theatre, basketball, scouts, working (many jobs,) school.... life.

Our life tends to be captured on Instagram and Facebook these days but Bennett loves to go back and read all of these old posts and keeps asking me why I never write here anymore. I try to explain the above list but I don't think she buys that.

I am going to try to post a little more on here. Not that anyone reads this but if future Bennett needs a photo of herself in 7th grade for some school project, she will know where to find it.

How do I highlight three years worth of memories? I can't. I will just pick my favorites.

We have traveled a lot. Since the beginning of 2018 we have been to Canada, Maine, New York, Washington DC, Florida, Colorado, California and more. We had other trips planned, but that whole global pandemic thing happened. As I type this it is still going on. By the time you read this, hopefully, it will be over. Hopefully.

Here are a few of my favorite travel pictures.

      Washington DC  January 2018

 New York City with Aunt Lisa, Piper, Emmie and Sutton. Summer 2018

     Prince Edward Island Summer 2018

        Kennebunkport, Maine. Summer 2018

      Boston Summer 2018

        Disney Summer 2018

       Disneyland.  California October 2018

         Disney World Summer 2019


        Colorado   June 2020

        Disney July 2020 

And every November we spend Thanksgiving in Watercolor, Florida with my family. It is my favorite tradition.         

The kids have gotten really involved in Noth Texas Performing Arts. Between the three children, I believe we have done 8 productions now and each one has been so special. Here are some of my favorite shots from these shows. 

Bennett is rocking 7th grade and still loves ballet. She is smart, funny and a good friend to everyone. It has been amazing watch her grow from this extremely verbal toddler to a shy elementary school student to a confident and poised pre-teen. I could not be more proud of the young woman she is becoming.

Will is a natural-born leader and is thriving in school. He is absolutely magnetic and people are just drawn to him. He loves soccer and theatre and gravitates to leadership positions in everything he does. He is so smart and just so incredibly kind to everyone he meets.

Lainey is the coolest 2nd grader out there and she lights up in any room she is in with her personality. She is SO funny and she keeps us laughing. She loves school and loves playing with friends. But she is incredibly cuddly and nothing makes her happier than to be right by my side. She is my sidekick and shadow and I absolutely love it.

Since I last wrote I started working as a Disney travel planner and I am having a blast doing it.

Rob has found a new hobby. Bass fishing. Lord help us all.

We tearfully watched as our beloved Meg crossed the rainbow bridge and then were annoyed to discover that our new dogs were about as dumb as you can get.

We are still in Texas. Sigh..... It isn't so bad, but man I miss boiled peanuts and magnolias. But we love it here. We love summers at Camp Bridgeport, Fall trips to the Texas State Fair and the Arboretum and Bluebonnets in the Spring. Here are just some completely random pictures that sum up our life in Texas. 

AND some things never change! in 2020 the Alabama Crimson Tide were once again national Champions!

                                       The kids first game at Bryan Denny Stadium! November 2019

My family watching the Iron Bowl together every year from the beach

                             We got to go to the Rose Bowl in January 2021 when it came to Texas!

That is an incredibly brief wrap-up of three years and hopefully it won't be that long until I write again. But if it is, Alabama better still be National Champions.