Monday, July 29, 2013

President lovin' thieves

Recent conversations I need to remember. 'Cause they are that awesome.

1. We had Vacation Bible School at our church a few weeks ago and the message every day was to stand strong. Each day the kids learned new ways to stand strong. The Bible helps us stand strong, our family and friends help us stand strong, etc... They would put their hands on their hip and yell that phrase. You never know how much of it is really sinking in though. I found out the day after VBS when I was home with the kids and I found Will in a corner with no pants on looking extremely determined. I asked him what he was doing and he told me that he had an accident, but that he was standing strong. I tried not to laugh as I asked him what he was standing strong against. He pursed his lips, put his hands on his hip and said, "YOU! I'm standing strong so you won't get mad at me!"

2. Bennett and I had a devotional one morning on Philippians 2:14. It was a very simple one and we talked a long time about it so I was sure she would remember it at bedtime. That night as I was tucking her in, I was asking her about it.

Me: Bennett, what was our verse this morning?
Bennett: Philippians 2:14
Me: What did it say?
Bennett: Do everything without arguing or......
Me: What was the last word?
Bennett: I don't know.
Me: Oh, come on, Bennett. We talked about it for 10 minutes.
Bennett: I DON'T KNOW!
Me: I know you remember.
Bennett: No. I. DON'T
Me: Do everything without arguing or......?"
Bennett: PANICKING!!

 3. Will also has a fascination with bears. He is very scared of them but we have assured him that there aren't any bears in Alabama. We did make the huge mistake of telling him that there are some in Tennessee. So, at VBS we had a special guest doing our music named Yancy. She is a fabulous recording artist who specializes in praise and worship music for kids and she happens to live in.... Tennessee. When Will found that out, he worried about her safety all week and talked about it many many times.

On the last day of VBS we were helping to clean up when Yancy packed up her instruments and was heading to her car. Will opened the door of the church, followed her out, and yelled, "Yancy!! Have a safe trip home and watch out for bears!!! They're in your yard! So just watch out, okay? For bears. Watch out. I'm serious." I think she thought we were nuts.

4. The kids wanted to read a book all about Presidents for bedtime, but we couldn't find it anywhere. We all searched every shelf but to no avail. This was the conversation that followed.

Will: I think some bad guys broke into our house and took it.
Me: I don't think so.
Bennett: No, I think they did. They snuck upstairs and took it out of my room while I was sleeping.
Me: Do you really think bad guys would come into our house and leave our TV and computer and all of our toys and only take your book?
Will: (shrugging his shoulders) Maybe they just really like George Washington.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wirts Wharf 2013

And finally, I've made it to the pictures of our trip to Colonial Beach, Virginia. Rob's sister and her husband have a home about an hour and a half south of Washington DC called Wirts Wharf. Yes, that is the name on the plaque on the columns as you pull into the house. We don't make it every year, but when we do we always have a ball.

Pictures don't do it justice. It is a beautiful home surrounded by water and we are so blessed that Rob's family opens it up to us each year for family vacation. And while we love being in the water and riding on the boats, we just love hanging out with family. Early mornings on the porch with coffee and late nights gathered around playing Mexican train dominoes are really what makes getting together each year so much fun. I miss everyone already and can't wait until the next time we can all get together.

One of the kids' favorite things to do was jump and play on the large floaty/trampoline thing. That's what I called it. The large floaty/trampoline thing. Obviously it has a technical name, but I kept saying to to Rob, "Can they get up on that large floaty/trampoline thing all by themselves?" So that's what is is called. In my mind at least.

And then one day while we were having lunch on the porch it began to rain really hard. And then someone noticed that it was blowing away. So Rob and Hazen ran down to save it from floating all the way down the Potomac back to DC.
And that has been all Will has talked about since we got home. Daddy and Uncle Hazen rescuing the float. Pretty sure that might be his earliest memory.

And thank goodness they rescued it because look at my little daredevil go!

 Kayaking and paddleboarding were also highlights of the week.

As was riding in Aunt Laura and Uncle Hazen's awesome boat.
 Someone was so excited for her first boat ride.

The jet skis didn't go over so well with my kids. Remember when I called Will a daredevil earlier? Nah. He's a wimp. But Rob and I had fun.
And so did Sophie and Uncle Frank

The paddleboard came in handy when Hazen was ready to pull up the crab traps.
And we loved being pulled by the boat on the bouncy chair thing. That's what Will called it. Again, my technical expertise is coming out.
 Sophie and Madeline catching a wave.
Some days it was good just to hang out in a chair in the water...
.... And some days it was good just to chill in a hammock.
Fishing was a must..
.... as was just hanging out in the sand and watching the day go by.
I love this shot below because it gives some perspective to what most of our afternoons looked like. There are some kids playing in the water, Aunt Stacy is rocking the paddleboard, and Hazen and Max are zooming around on the jet ski. So. much. fun!
Hey, look!!! We may or may not have celebrated our EIGHTH year of marriage while we were at the river.
And Laura may or may not have celebrated her birthday while we were there too!
 But the dog did most certainly eat half of her birthday cake.
 Oh, well. We'll never forget that one.
We had a lot of fun hanging out inside the house too. Aunt Laura actually had a book fair for the kids one night. She had bought each of her nieces and nephews a bunch of new books, but then she had the brilliant idea of bringing all the books her son Max had outgrown and letting the kids draw numbers and choose them one by one. She cleaned house and we all got new books. Win/win.

 Thank you, Aunt Laura!!!!
Cousin Sophie was a huge help feeding Lainey...
And even painting Bennett's nails.
As a matter of fact, cousins kind of rock. We are so thankful for all of ours!

In the evenings we had a great time playing board games and/or listening to Rob and Frank take musical requests.

All in all, it was just an awesome week being with our family who we don't see nearly enough.

 And our last night there happened to be the 4th of July. We had to have our annual family pic decked out in red, white, and blue of course.
 The 7 Webster/Marshall cousins.
Happy 4th!!! Let's get this party started!!
I love, love, love, love this picture of Bennett. One of my all time favorites.
So many captions could be used for this one.
And here are just a bunch of shots from a wonderful 4th on the river.
And the shot of the night thanks to J. Robert Webster. A framer for sure.
I cannot wait to go back. So thankful for a week of resting, playing, reconnecting, and enjoying family. So so thankful.