Monday, July 29, 2013

President lovin' thieves

Recent conversations I need to remember. 'Cause they are that awesome.

1. We had Vacation Bible School at our church a few weeks ago and the message every day was to stand strong. Each day the kids learned new ways to stand strong. The Bible helps us stand strong, our family and friends help us stand strong, etc... They would put their hands on their hip and yell that phrase. You never know how much of it is really sinking in though. I found out the day after VBS when I was home with the kids and I found Will in a corner with no pants on looking extremely determined. I asked him what he was doing and he told me that he had an accident, but that he was standing strong. I tried not to laugh as I asked him what he was standing strong against. He pursed his lips, put his hands on his hip and said, "YOU! I'm standing strong so you won't get mad at me!"

2. Bennett and I had a devotional one morning on Philippians 2:14. It was a very simple one and we talked a long time about it so I was sure she would remember it at bedtime. That night as I was tucking her in, I was asking her about it.

Me: Bennett, what was our verse this morning?
Bennett: Philippians 2:14
Me: What did it say?
Bennett: Do everything without arguing or......
Me: What was the last word?
Bennett: I don't know.
Me: Oh, come on, Bennett. We talked about it for 10 minutes.
Bennett: I DON'T KNOW!
Me: I know you remember.
Bennett: No. I. DON'T
Me: Do everything without arguing or......?"
Bennett: PANICKING!!

 3. Will also has a fascination with bears. He is very scared of them but we have assured him that there aren't any bears in Alabama. We did make the huge mistake of telling him that there are some in Tennessee. So, at VBS we had a special guest doing our music named Yancy. She is a fabulous recording artist who specializes in praise and worship music for kids and she happens to live in.... Tennessee. When Will found that out, he worried about her safety all week and talked about it many many times.

On the last day of VBS we were helping to clean up when Yancy packed up her instruments and was heading to her car. Will opened the door of the church, followed her out, and yelled, "Yancy!! Have a safe trip home and watch out for bears!!! They're in your yard! So just watch out, okay? For bears. Watch out. I'm serious." I think she thought we were nuts.

4. The kids wanted to read a book all about Presidents for bedtime, but we couldn't find it anywhere. We all searched every shelf but to no avail. This was the conversation that followed.

Will: I think some bad guys broke into our house and took it.
Me: I don't think so.
Bennett: No, I think they did. They snuck upstairs and took it out of my room while I was sleeping.
Me: Do you really think bad guys would come into our house and leave our TV and computer and all of our toys and only take your book?
Will: (shrugging his shoulders) Maybe they just really like George Washington.

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