Monday, December 28, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

We went to Seaside, Florida for the second year in a row this Thanksgiving.Well, technically we were in Seacrest, but anything along 30A is all the same, right? I have no idea whether or not this will become a yearly tradition, but we have really enjoyed riding bikes in the sunshine on Thanksgiving Day, so maybe it will.

My favorite thing in the world. Riding bikes with these people.

Lainey is obsessed with costumes. Nearly every day she has to wear one. So it was just natural that as soon we got to the beach, she would need to be Princess Anna. 

Swimsuit? Check. Flip flops? Check. Party hat? Check. Let's go swimming!!

A tea party in Ducky's toy shop with cousin Emmie!

Just walkin' around Seaside. Holding hands with my Grandaddy.

My Dad with his 6 grandchildren.

These two are growing so close. They have made it a tradition to go on special dates whenever they are together. This year they rode bikes to get donuts and then hung out in an eno and had breakfast and some alone time. Love them.

More family shots.

 We finally made it down to the beach!

Hooray for hanging out on the beach in November!

Isn't she beautiful? This little thing is growing up to such an incredibly kind and thoughtful kid. She has the best sense of humor and I cannot tell you enough how much I am delighting in watching her grow up. 

 My sister and her family out for a bike ride.

Cousins dancing on a stage in Rosemary Beach!

Spinning around with Daddy.

Sweetest. Ever.

Having lunch at a fun fondue restaurant

Chocolate fondue for everyone!

Even Supergirls need a rest sometimes.

Oh, how we love their beach.

On the beach with my best friend.

Thanksgiving Day! Aren't they beautiful?

One of my favorite pictures of all time of these two. They are growing up so fast.

My new favorite picture of our family

My Mom with her daughters.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Grandchildren are the best.

Thanksgiving night on the beach. I think Bennett did cartwheels the whole time we were out there.

"Mommy, Mommy! Da sun went down! And it didn't come back up!"

Bennett, Will and Sutton worked all week on their performance of Dancing with the Cousins. On our final evening we were treated to a rousing performance complete with assigned seating, judges comments and a reception afterwards.

One final trip to the Sugar Shack, our favorite candy store.

And a last breakfast at Charlie's donut truck.

And we celebrated Mommy Suttle's birthday on our way out of town. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I am thankful for many things and my family is one of the main things.