Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mega Scoop

Sorry. I got this title from my friend Casey. I didn't know what else to say to explain for the complete lack of updates and pictures lately, so I just blatantly stole the title she always uses to catch people up on her life. Sorry, Casey. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Okay, sooooooo....... where to begin? Life in the Webster house is always interesting. I'll start with the youngest member of the Clan.

Will- Dare I say that he is rapidly approaching the terrible 2's? Please excuse me while I run into the bathroom and cry. I just got one child through that. I am not ready for another.

Actually, Will could never be terrible. He just isn't wired that way. But his new favorite phrase is, "No, Mommy! No, no, no!" And he has a banshee wail that could shatter glass. But he is still my little sidekick. He's stuck to my side like glue every day and is talking more and more. Rob and I are counting 7 words that he can string together. He's loving, kind, sweet.... yet still approaching 2.

He wants so badly to ride a bike like his big sister, but his feet just can't reach the pedals yet. It takes the whole family helping out to teach him to ride his bike.

If I am doing a chore, Will has to do it too. Please remind me to find him a broom that's his size.

The youngest ones tend to be the hams, right?

See above caption.

Bennett- Oh my goodness, where do I start? This inquisitive little thing keeps me on my toes constantly. We have definitely entered the "Why" phase of her young life. Every single second is a new question. She also really wants to read. She can write most of her letters and can sound out a lot of words. When we read books at night, it takes us 4 times as long now because she makes us sound out everything. She can write a few small words with help, but does most of it on her own.

What can I say? She just loves to learn. She did something the other night that really impressed me. I was reading a storybook and the word castle was in it. She tried to sound it out and when she got to Tuh-tuh-tuh-T, she turned to me and said, "But Mommy, there's no T in castle." I didn't think she was ready for lessons in silent letters yet, but I was still impressed.

Bennett is loving her tap/ballet class. She practices at home every day. Here she is learning to tap with her heels. She is bound for the stage, I say!

Ballerinas on a break.

And of course she has to dress up at home. Every day is a new costume. I think she's pretending to be the Swan princess here. I don't know.... it's always something.

And here she is with her beloved Ms. Gail on the last day of school. LAST DAY! Where did this year go? Please don't let every year go this fast. Please?

Me- Hmmmm..... don't really know what to say. I've just been hanging in there. I realized a while ago that I desperately need to reconnect with the artistic side of me that I have lost since I moved to Kansas and stopped teaching theatre. Rob and I are trying to remedy this by learning songs we can play together. He on guitar and me on the piano. Our first attempt is Rainbow Connection. I'll let you know how that goes. And I have begun painting again. Let me clarify. I AM NOT GOOD! But I like to do it. I used to paint clay pots, glasses, chairs..... it was fun. They aren't cute, but it lets me have some sort of creative talent. I'll post some when I'm done, but no mocking allowed.

Loving life on our hammock.

My favorite girl.

Tickling my babies on a beautiful Spring evening. Pardon the lion's mane otherwise known as my hair. I got the name, lion's mane, from my Roomus in college. It dictated my life. It still does.

Rob- Good 'ole Rob. Not much to report about him either. He's the same guy who is always standing out in the middle of thunderstorms taking HDR pictures of lightening. I don't know why, but he enjoys it for some reason. He has been incredibly busy at work, but still manages to be the world's greatest Father the second he walks in the door every day. I don't know how I got so lucky.

Rob loves taking the kids out in nature. He is so good about pointing out different types of birds and trees and is so patient in all of his explanations. Here they are learning about the joys of wading in creeks while looking for tadpoles.

Could they be any cuter?

Enjoying our downtown Farmer's Market on a beautiful Saturday morning.

Meg- She still misses Kirby a lot, but she is getting better. We try to take her out as often as possible to let her know how much we love her.

Our family
- We're plugging along. Amazed every day at how much God has blessed us with. Trying to make the most of what we are given. I can't imagine four people being any tighter than our little family unit. We genuinely love being together and wouldn't trade that for anything in the world. It's so cheesy, but it's true. You can stop rolling your eyes now and making gagging sounds. But I don't blame you for doing so in the first place. It is rather nauseating.

Wagon Ride with Kitty and Puppy. Always a treat.

Learning to skip rocks.

Having a picnic dinner before our excursion in the creek. If you look carefully, you will see that I have the kids grapes on diapers. Don't judge. I forgot paper plates. But I am never without spare diapers. I should get a few points for that, right?

The best of friends. When they aren't fighting. Which is often.

Bennett is still obsessed with horses. Weekly trips to the Merry-go-Round are a must.

Another picture of the Farmer's market. I love them. And I love Farmer's Markets that have skylines behind them. Fantastic. I always close my eyes and pretend I am in New York.

I'm in heaven. I want every one of those in my yard now.

I have no words for how beautiful this picture is.

When we were leaving church one evening, we saw this rainbow right over our church. It never fails to remind me of God's faithfulness.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mama's Boy

If you could look up the phrase "Mama's Boy" in the dictionary, the description might read like this-

A boy that doesn't have any use for anyone but his Mother. Only his Mommy can hold him, comfort him, and tuck him in at night. If anyone else does anything for him, he yells at them. Even his Father can't get him juice. Only Mommy can pour juice right.

The boy's favorite phrase is, "NO! Mommy do it!" If anyone else comes in his room to get him after naps, he busts into tears. Only Mommy can read books, do sidewalk chalk, play trains, and kiss boo boos. Pretty much, the world only revolves around Mom.

And now if you were to see a picture in the dictionary that went along with this description, this would be it.

Yes, Will Webster is a classic example of a Mama's Boy. It is exhausting, but I love it. I don't necessarily want him to be like this at 32, but I'll take it in a heart beat from my 22 month old.

Oh, who am I kidding? I hope he's like this at 62. I love my little guy. And I love how much he loves me.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I love to read. I always have. I have been devouring books as long as I can remember. My Dad used to make fun of me for being the only 12 year old he knew that was reading Bronte, Dickens, and Austen just for fun.

I was naturally put in AP English in high school and I remember my teacher telling me that she wished that she could give me a higher A. Writing essays on William Faulkner was fun for me. I loved every book we read. I couldn't get enough of Willa Cather, Thomas Hardy, and John Steinbeck.

*Disclaimer* I also read every book in the Sweet Valley High and Baby Sitters Club series. Hey, I don't discriminate. I just like to read. I'll take anything.

I thought about majoring in English in college. But I was already double majoring in theatre and broadcasting. Plus I was taking extra French courses just for fun and I almost had enough credits to minor in that, so an extra English major was out of the question. Plus I was reading enough Tennessee Williams and Bertolt Brecht in my drama classes to satisfy that need.

I knew that one day I would name my first born son, Sydney Carton, after my favorite literary figure. I didn't (obviously) but I did give both of my children literary names. Bennett came from Pride and Prejudice and William is pretty obvious. If you can't get that one you should just move along to another blog. Even the name of our dog Meg hails from combining my love of literature and theatre (Little Women and Phantom of the Opera.)

I was thrilled when the cute red headed worship leader I was interested in told me that he had majored in English. How perfect! I could already imagine long evenings reading Chaucer by the fire and spirited debates over dinner regarding what Madame Defarge was sewing into her quilt.

Fast forward to last weekend. My husband surprised me on Mother's day by lining up our sweet friends to take care of our kids so he could take me to see the latest movie adaptation of one of my favorite novels, Jane Eyre. I knew most husbands wouldn't do that, but my English majoring hubby wasn't like most others. I delighted as my favorite characters appeared on screen and I couldn't wait to talk about them later with Rob. Mrs. Fairfax... Mr. Rocester.... Adele..... each were perfectly cast in my mind and I was certain my husband would later agree.

So, why do I tell you all of this? So you would all feel my utter disappointment as we walked out of the theatre and I said, "Well, what did you think?" And my supposedly literature loving husband sighed and said, "It was fine. You know this was just for you, right? I really just wanted to see Thor."

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Not quite ready for the mission field

The Time: Two Nights Ago
The Location: Bennett's Bed
The Situation: Talking to Bennett after we said our prayers

B: Mom, why did we pray for those who were in the tomato?

Me: It was the tornado, honey, and we prayed because so many of them are hurting right now.

B: Do they need a band-aid?

Me: No, but they do need food and clothes.

B: They don't have any clothes???!!!???

Me: No, honey. Some people lost everything. And look in your closet. Do you see how many clothes you have? You have clothes with the tags on them that you haven't even worn. Maybe we should give some of your clothes to the little girls and boys that don't have any.

B: NO!!! You can't give away my clothes!!

Me: Bennett, I wouldn't give away your special clothes, but don't you think we should share? Maybe some of the ones you don't wear anymore.

B: NO! Those little girls not take my clothes.

Me: Bennett, that's not very nice. It tells us in the Bible that we are to take care of those who are sick and poor and hungry. And that means sharing our things.

B: (very annoyed) Oh, fine. Just give them my clothes. Fine.

I tucked her in and went downstairs. Five minutes later her bed room door opened.

Rob: (calling up the stairs) Bennett, close your door and get back in bed.

B: I can't!! Because those girls can NOT HAVE MY CLOTHES!!!!!

Hmmmmm....... I think I have my work cut out for me.