Saturday, July 11, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday, Will!!

Well, it's official. My little buddy isn't really so little anymore. The adorable little guy with the big blue eyes and lisp is the bike riding, soccer playing kid who can read, write and do math like nobody's business.

But he'll always be my buddy. Always.

We had a party for him a few weeks before his birthday so he could celebrate with his friends since we would be in Virginia on his actual birthday. He chose to have his party at a place called Kid Mania where the kids ran around in a huge trampoline maze, played arcade games and ate pizza of course. My kind of party.

 Happy Birthday, Will!!

Will's beloved teacher came and absolutely made his day. He adores Mrs. Schaeffer.

And we were in Colonial Beach, Virginia on his actual birthday. I cannot imagine a better birthday for a kid. His day was spent on the Potomac river surrounded by family. He is one lucky (and very loved) kid.

When all of the cousins woke up, we started with a pancake breakfast.

Then Will asked if he could go down to the water and go fishing. Ummm.... of course you can!

After fishing we took all of the kids to a berry farm to pick blueberries and blackberries that Aunt Laura later turned into a delicious cobbler.

After lunch the kids got in their swimsuits for an afternoon out on the water. I mean, is this the greatest birthday or what?

Then the cousins climbed up in the treehouse for a mid afternoon ice cream sandwich.

Will requested pasta for dinner that night and since he only likes plain pasta, I made a pasta bar where he could eat his plain and the adults could add different sauces and toppings. And then we had an ice cream bar for dessert.

After dessert it was finally time to open presents!

And then a little pin the tail on the donkey. 

One of Will's favorite presents was a parachute just like his music teacher used in class. So we went out in the front yard to test it out.

And then we finally ended the evening with a lightening bug hunt. It was quite epic.

I love this picture of the lightening bug brigade with the water behind them.

And finally a note on the sidewalk from his cousin, Max.

We love you so much, Will Webster. Never stop being the kindest kid with the biggest heart. You shine so brightly and when I look at you, I am so excited to see what God has in store for you. Keep putting Him first in your life and seek Him in all that you do.