Saturday, November 8, 2014

Webster Halloween 2014

Sigh... my favorite holiday has come and gone. Well, I don't know if it is my favorite or not. Can it be a tie with Christmas? And really, my favorite is the day college football starts until December 26th. But I do love Halloween. And I love that in our 4th city as a family, we are still having people over and celebrating.

First up: our family Halloween picture. ET flying home to the Mothership.

And this year, Rob went a little crazy and made a movie poster. Of course.

But before Halloween night, we hit several festivals and carnivals. Bennett wanted to go as Elsa and the other two didn't care. That's what made our family costume so perfect this year. The only thing I had to buy was Will's sweatshirt. We had everything else. Perfect! Here are the kids before trick-or-treating at this adorable little mock village in Frisco, TX. Lainey's costume lasted 3 minutes. After that she went as a tantrum throwing two year old who refused to wear a costume.

Will was a cowboy in the above picture. He couldn't decide on anything so we just pulled a shirt and hat from his room. But then he decided he loved our family costume and wanted to be "Elliott from ET" from then on. He and Lainey won first prize in the costume contest at our neighborhood Fall Festival. Poor Bennett. She was the only one who really had a plan and who had decided her costume months in advance. But unfortunately for her, 4,567 other little girls had the same plan.

As we got closer to the big day, my decorations came out in full force.I am getting used to having to decorate a new house constantly. New ways to be creative.

And then on Halloween night, we invited some of our new neighbors over. Two of them had kids in Bennett's class and one had a little boy on Will's soccer team, so it was fun getting to know them and the kids were thrilled to have new friends over. Plus one of my dearest friends from Kansas City, Krista, came to visit with her daughter Rachel. It was a fun house that evening.

We got a picture of my kids with their friend from Kansas City before everyone else came over. We love Rachel in this house, that's for sure. And here is Lainey in her third costume of the season. She refused to wear one again! But I think after running around outside in the cold in just a diaper for 20 minutes, she was finally convinced  to put on something warm.

Friends are here! Let's party!

I have come to realize that people are pretty awesome no matter where you go. Grateful for friends old and new.
 And a few shots from the evening. It wasn't nearly as crazy or crowded as our neighborhood in Dothan. And it wasn't nearly as cool and crisp as our nights in Kansas City. But it was still a blast and we had a wonderful evening.

And that's it. Another Halloween in the books. Everyone came back over to our house afterwards to watch "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" and exchange candy. People stayed and ate dessert and chatted until late in the evening and then they just walked home. I love our new neighborhood and I am so thankful for new friendships.

And now we're done. Is it too early to start decorating for Christmas? I hope everyone had a spooky and fun Halloween.