Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Celebrating the little cowgirl

Okay, heads up. This is a ridiculously long post complete with too many pictures. I know it's long, but I need something to revert back to in 15 years when Bennett inevitably whines, "You never do anything for me." This blog post had better stop her in her tracks right then and there.

On a side note, I am so tired. My head hurts. I am tired of whining. I am tired of poopy diapers and tantrums. But on a bright note I am waiting for the Pioneer Woman's Apple Dumplings to get out of the oven so hopefully by the time I am finished with this post, I shall be in a delightfully happy food coma.

I digress. We had Bennett's 3rd birthday party last Saturday. When Bennett and I started talking about this a few months ago all she told me that she wanted to do was ride a horse. That was it. And so we did.

We had her party at Faulkner's Ranch which is just the coolest. horse. ranch. Ever! Here was the sign welcoming us to Bennett's party room.

Party decorations for my little cowpoke.

No, I did not make these party favors which I have have to admit. I ordered them off of etsy.com. They are little crayon roll ups to throw in a purse for restaurants made with a horse print fabric of course.

However, I did make this horse cake, thank you very much. And the ever so helpful J. Robert Webster decorated it. We will be taking orders for future cakes when we open The Red Webs bake shop.

Since the cake was a little small we had cupcakes with horse toppers made of fondant for the adults.

The party started in this room where all the kids could ride pretend horses. The party could have ended right then and there. Bennett was as happy as a lark. I could have taken her to ride the mechanical horse at Wal-Mart and saved a whole lot of money.

Daddy with the birthday girl and Sidekick Joe.

The guests started arriving and Bennett was so happy to see her best friend from school, Amelia.

And of course she had to be with her main man, Levi. I just hope these two don't elope before finishing Kindergarten.

Sadie, Amelia, and Luke waiting to take turns on the horses.

My parents flew in from Alabama for the party and they brought my niece, Sutton, with them. Bennett was so happy to have her cousin at her party. Here is Sutton with her baby cousin, Will.

Levi, Bennett, and Ridley playing ring around the rosie. Again, I could have saved a whole lot of money by riding plastic horses and playing ring around the rosie in our backyard. When will I learn? :-)

How cute is little cowgirl Brooke? I mean, come on!

This picture sums up my son perfectly.

Sometimes you need a partner in crime when testing out which horse rides the best.

After they rode the fake horses the kids got to milk a pretend cow. Hmmmmm.... can't say that I have ever done that before.

Confused parents wondering why their children are milking cows.

Will didn't even need my help. I wonder if this should concern me.

The big moment where Bennett got on her real horse. She was done. She was in heaven and would have stayed there for hours if I would have let her.

Cowboy Levi suiting up for his ride on the pony.

Me and my baby boy.

While the kids were waiting for their turns on the horses they were able to feed some animals in the barn. Here are Bennett and Caroline petting the llama.

Bennett petting the demon bunny. This picture was taken before that darned bunny bit my little boy.

Poor Will. Mama was about to serve bunny stew for dinner.

Bennett with Ainsley and Brynn.

Stephanie and sweet little Ryan.

Two of my dear Kansas City friends, Jessie and Kerry.

Nicky feeding the goats a bottle of milk. How fun was this ranch?

Having a post horse ride lunch of good 'ole cowboy fare.

Opening presents is always fun, no matter how old you are. And I have to give a shout out to Jessie for wrapping Bennett's gift in houndstooth wrapping paper. Now that's a good friend.

How well do these friends know my daughter? She has slept with this horse every night since the party.

Blowing out the three candles.

Soooooo much better than a milk moustache.

Look who we found sneaking away in the other room with a cupcake.

I am so thankful my parents and niece flew in from Alabama for the party. Thank goodness for family. And thank goodness for friendships that I have formed in these past 2 years since we moved to Kansas City. Friends that took the time to help celebrate the little love of my life. And thank goodness for my darling three year old little girl.


starnes family said...

You are completely out of control with the cuteness here. Stop it.

Nate, Abbey, Noah, Blaire and Tatum said...

I'm so glad it was such a success! You rocked the 3 year old party girl!

Brittny said...

I LOVE and MISS your parties!!!!!!! She is one lucky girl!!!!

Anonymous said...

You guys are the best parents ever.

Anna said...

i LOVE your little cowgirl too! (can you tell i'm behind on blog reading!). such an adorable party and it looks like bennett had SO much fun! happy (belated) birthday to bennett!