Friday, April 3, 2015

The Winter of our Muchcontent

Since it is April, I thought I would actually blog about winter.

Sounds logical, right?

And the Shakesperian reference in the title of this post sounded better in my head than it actually looks written out.

I digress. On to the blog post. When we decided to move to Dallas the first thing I did was ask people if it snowed there. Seriously. First thing. I know Texas isn't really known for its amazing ski resorts, but since Dallas is in the northern part of the state and fairly close to the Oklahoma border, I thought there might be a chance. And luckily, I was right.

We had about three separate snowfalls this year and the kids missed several days of school due to ice and snow. There was enough to build a snowman and go sledding, but not enough to make me curl into a ball and and pray the Lord would call us to Miami next.

This first picture is my favorite of all of them. All of Bennett's Frozen dreams finally came true. I am afraid that Texas doesn't look much like Arendelle, but for one glorious day, it came close enough.

 Look at how their feet are kind of sinking in the snow. We had 4 inches at least. Not much compared to other places I have lived, but we were all thrilled.

And who needs Olaf? This, my friends, is Brrrrrr Bryant. Roll Tide, little snowman.

Do you want to build a snowman? Sorry. Had to go there.

Snowball fight with Daddy.

We sadly sold our sled when we moved from Kansas City. This is what sledding used to look like with our kids. And can I point out 5 years later that this might not have been the safest thing in the world for Will?

And now instead of cool wooden sleds, we have cardboard. Oh, well.

I don't even see the cardboard in this picture? Did he just slide down on his own? I don't know. I was too busy chasing Lainey who was having none of this sledding business.

 But then we finally caught her and forced her to have fun. She did. For a second. Before she announced, "I go home now. Lainey go home. NOW!"
Sledding in McKinney, Texas.

I love this shot of three of my favorites.

And this was taken on another snow day. Three happy faces for sure.

And when cabin fever starts to strike, snow dog heads out to dance on the frozen tundra.