Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lazy Days

You know that the weeds in your backyard have gotten out of control when you are too embarrassed to have the bug man come spray. So we spent all day tackling our back yard jungle so we can be pest free again. You also know that you have absolutely nothing to blog about when you are writing about weeds. So, maybe I will just post a few pictures of a sweet baby. Those may be a little more interesting and maybe something more noteworthy will happen to us next week. If not, it's on to rust stain removal posts.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

4 months old

Bennett is 4 months old today! Will her entire life fly by this fast? Weren't we just putting together a swing and decorating the nursery? I know I am biased, but I must say that I think we have a good one. She is just an amazingly calm and peaceful baby. She hardly ever cries, takes three naps a day on cue, sleeps 11 hours straight every night, smiles constantly, will go to anyone who will hold her, loves her books, is content to play on her mat, and doesn't get rattled by hardly anything. They always say the first one is the easiest (well my parents certainly do) and that the second one will be payback, but I think I will just enjoy the first one for now.
She is now holding her head up like a champ, reaching for objects, and putting everything in her mouth. I am just trying to take everything in and am praying that the next 4 months won't go by nearly as fast.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I heard a sermon Sunday night that has managed to stay with me for two whole days now. It's not that I don't listen to the sermons, it's just that I have a hard time remembering them. When your job consists of helping to plan the services, listening to the sermon outline a dozen times on the Tuesday before, contacting dozens of volunteers on Wednesday, running over the power point on Thursday, finalizing the production schedule on Friday, either rehearsing a drama or editing a video clip on Saturday, and then working from 6:30-12:30 on Sunday to make sure everything goes right- well, sometimes it's hard to remember the sermon in the midst of all that. Thanks goodness for my quiet times or I would be spiritually bankrupt.

But, going back to this sermon. Our teaching pastor, John Schmidt preached on grumbling. I won't go into his sermon or his points too much- that's why he's the pastor and I am just the tech girl. But, what I took away is that I grumble too much. Just as the Israelites did with Moses, I fail to see God's blessings over my grumbling.

When does the spouse that we thought was so wonderful when we were first married turn into a constant source of annoyance? (I am just hypothetically speaking, I promise!!!!) When does the house that we prayed for and seemed like such a blessing turn into a house that is too small? When does the car that met our every need turn into an old piece of junk without the latest gadgets? When are we ever satisfied? Could there ever possibly be a time in our lives when we say, "Enough. I have enough. And I don't need any more." Can we ever stop and say, "Lord, thank you for my husband/wife. They are a gift from you and I am so thankful. Lord, thank you for my house. I am so grateful and I don't need anything bigger. Lord, thank you for my car. It may not be the 2009 model that my friend has, but it suits my needs, and I thank you. Lord, my closet is full of clothes. I don't need any more. Father, I have no idea what it feels like to be hungry. Thank you."

Anyway, just a few rambling thoughts from someone who has actually visited third world countries and still has the audacity to grumble and complain. James 1:5 tells us that God wants us to ask Him for things and He will not resent our asking. I am taking that to mean wisdom, discernment, guidance, and even yes, things. I can't tell you how hard Rob and I prayed for Bennett, our new house, and even our used mini van. But, I want to stop complaining about things that I am so incredibly fortunate to have and spend a lot more time being grateful.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Beach Bound Bennett

Ah, yes. Seaside, Florida. A little slice of heaven on earth. Where lazy days are filled with riding bikes, swimming in the ocean, shopping in the town square, and laying in hammocks. When I make my first million I think I might just have to buy a house there. My Mom retired a few weeks ago so we surprised her with a family trip to the beach. Bennett loved the water, but hated the sand. Good thing. Her parents aren't exactly the types to lay out in the sun, so if she had liked it too much, we would have been in trouble. We had a blast hanging out together- even if I did lose Big Boggle and nearly fell off of a bike while trying to ride while holding ice cream in one hand. For those of you who know me well will recall that I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was 21, and the rest of you can quit laughing. Anyway, here are some pics taken with Rob's awesome Nikon D80.

My beautiful niece and my daughter

Happy First Father's Day, Rob

Mom's future Christmas Card, so pretend like you didn't see it

Could I possibly love this little girl any more?

Rockin' the beach look

First time in the ocean

Four lovely grand daughters

Monday, June 16, 2008

Bennett at 3 months

Bennett loves: Reading books, mirrors, baths, and smiling faces
Hates: tummy time and shots
Tolerates: the dogs
Is scared of: Loud noises and the sound her mobile makes when the batteries are dying
Is happiest when: she is cuddling with anyone in her family

Our new Cousin

Welcome to the world, Jameson Samuel Webster. We love you so much already and we think you are the most adorable little boy we have ever seen. We also think your Mom looks so beautiful in this picture. We can't wait to meet you in August.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy (early) Father's Day

Hey Dad- it's me, Bennett. I have just been thinking about you a lot this week and I wanted you to know that I think you are pretty cool. I really like the way that you play songs for me on the guitar. You are great at making up rhymes on the spot. I like the way that you get tears in your eyes when I wear a pretty dress to church. Nobody makes me feel more beautiful than you. Thanks for reading me books and singing me that funny muppet song. Mommy tries, but she really can't do it like you can. Thanks for letting me sleep on your chest. I like falling asleep snuggled up to you. I can't believe that you never mind changing my diaper, even when they are really bad. Thanks for swinging with me out in the backyard on the porch swing. I really love when you do that. Oh, and you may think that I don't notice when you stand over my crib at night and check to make sure that I am breathing, but I do. And Dad, I'm fine. You don't need to check on me 5 times every night, but I love that you do. It means that you love me. And guess what? I love you too. I hope you have a very happy first Father's Day. Thanks for being my Dad and know that no matter how old I get, I will always be your little girl.

Monday, June 9, 2008


is it the end of the day and I cannot tell you one thing that I did? Seriously. Did Bennett leave any brain cells for me? I need to quit making fun of my Mom.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Thank you, John Ed

John Ed Mathison retired today after 36 years as our senior pastor. I just felt the need to write a little about John Ed since my husband and I have had the privilege and honor of working for him and also knowing him as a friend.
John Ed is one of the most humble persons that you will ever meet. He is one of the most well known pastors in America and you would never know it unless someone else told you. He is humble, funny, caring, and a great leader. I remember loving him as a little kid and being in awe of him somewhat. When we moved to the DC area when I was 12, I remember thinking that I would never find a preacher as good as John Ed. And I was right. I didn't.
He draws you in with his self deprecation and his humorous stories, but then he grabs you with his passion for making disciples and for sharing his love of Christ with his congregation. He always knows you by name and no matter how busy he is, he takes the time to stop you and talk to you and even tell you why he was thinking about you the other day. And for someone who leads a church of 9000, that's a big deal. Well, it is to me at least.
I thank John Ed for being a spiritual leader, a wonderful boss, and a dear friend. Below is a picture of John Ed when he came to see Bennett in the hospital. I pray she will have someone like John Ed in her life when she gets older.