Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Beach Bound Bennett

Ah, yes. Seaside, Florida. A little slice of heaven on earth. Where lazy days are filled with riding bikes, swimming in the ocean, shopping in the town square, and laying in hammocks. When I make my first million I think I might just have to buy a house there. My Mom retired a few weeks ago so we surprised her with a family trip to the beach. Bennett loved the water, but hated the sand. Good thing. Her parents aren't exactly the types to lay out in the sun, so if she had liked it too much, we would have been in trouble. We had a blast hanging out together- even if I did lose Big Boggle and nearly fell off of a bike while trying to ride while holding ice cream in one hand. For those of you who know me well will recall that I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was 21, and the rest of you can quit laughing. Anyway, here are some pics taken with Rob's awesome Nikon D80.

My beautiful niece and my daughter

Happy First Father's Day, Rob

Mom's future Christmas Card, so pretend like you didn't see it

Could I possibly love this little girl any more?

Rockin' the beach look

First time in the ocean

Four lovely grand daughters


Perri said...

These are beautiful pictures from the beach! I love to watch Bennett grow from post to post.

Frank said...

Don't let Rob squat at the beach!!

Love you guys. And the pics. And the memories we have of Seaside (even though you all were on you honeymoon). We'll have to get all the kids together and go there again some day.