Monday, June 16, 2008

Bennett at 3 months

Bennett loves: Reading books, mirrors, baths, and smiling faces
Hates: tummy time and shots
Tolerates: the dogs
Is scared of: Loud noises and the sound her mobile makes when the batteries are dying
Is happiest when: she is cuddling with anyone in her family


Anna said...

oh she's just beautiful!!! i'm so sorry i didnt get back to you last week! we went to the beach last minute on friday...and it takes a small act of congress to get out of town with a baby (and a diabetic cat!) send me an email and we can communicate that way ( what does your week look like for a possible lunch playdate?!?!?

Carmen & Eddie said...

those are some great pics!!! what a beautiful little girl!!! and congrats on your new nephew!!!!

Carmen & Eddie said...
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Stacy said...

AMAZING pics! It helps when your subject matter is so beautiful. Do you just stare at her all day long? Grandad and Mamaw are here and we're missing you guys. Can't wait to see you. Sophie wants to introduce Cousin Bennett to Baby Brudder.

The Khans said...

So cute. She is getting so big. We have to find a time to get together soon. I will try calling you one afternoon and see when is good for you. One of these times we will actually make good on it.