Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lazy Days

You know that the weeds in your backyard have gotten out of control when you are too embarrassed to have the bug man come spray. So we spent all day tackling our back yard jungle so we can be pest free again. You also know that you have absolutely nothing to blog about when you are writing about weeds. So, maybe I will just post a few pictures of a sweet baby. Those may be a little more interesting and maybe something more noteworthy will happen to us next week. If not, it's on to rust stain removal posts.


Stacy said...

What a cute face! What a shiny head! Her cousin Jameson can spare a few strands -- he's as fuzzy as a hobbit. Maybe we'll send Bennett a little care (hair) package in the mail! But Bennett will have to mail it back if all his hair goes down the drain like his sister's did. :)

-- Aunt Stacy

Hazen said...

I think that hairstyle rox!

Uncle Hazen

Mommy S. said...

I want to be the first one to buy a bow for Bennett's hair but as requested will wait until no tape is needed! I love our precious, beautiful bald Bennett!