Thursday, June 26, 2008

4 months old

Bennett is 4 months old today! Will her entire life fly by this fast? Weren't we just putting together a swing and decorating the nursery? I know I am biased, but I must say that I think we have a good one. She is just an amazingly calm and peaceful baby. She hardly ever cries, takes three naps a day on cue, sleeps 11 hours straight every night, smiles constantly, will go to anyone who will hold her, loves her books, is content to play on her mat, and doesn't get rattled by hardly anything. They always say the first one is the easiest (well my parents certainly do) and that the second one will be payback, but I think I will just enjoy the first one for now.
She is now holding her head up like a champ, reaching for objects, and putting everything in her mouth. I am just trying to take everything in and am praying that the next 4 months won't go by nearly as fast.


Mommy S. said...

Happy four months birthday, cute baby Bennett! Enjoy these days! There is only a very short period in life when age is measured in months instead of years.

Stacy said...

Sleeps 11 hours straight?!? Can she give some sleeping lessons to her Cousin Jameson? Or to her Cousin Sophie, for that matter? What a good baby...we miss her!

Courtney said...

Yeah, you got a good one! My first was definately the harder baby. Griffin has been a breeze. However, I am not sure if they come better than Bennett sounds!
And yes, it will all go that fast.