Sunday, April 22, 2012

Big News

The Red Webs are expanding. Party of 5 coming this Fall. God is so good.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Springing Forward

I am not going to make excuses for my lack of blogging. I am just going to post pictures of my awesome family enjoying the beautiful Kansas City spring and pretend like I am a super woman who can cook gourmet meals every night, keep my house spotless, teach my children poetry and French, and blog every evening. It could happen, right?

We have loved being outdoors this Spring. I would say that most every evening after dinner we go out for family walks or bike rides and end up on our front porch eating Popsicles or blowing weeds dandelions.

These moments are fleeting. It actually takes my breath away to realize how fleeting they are. I look at pictures of last Spring and they seem like last week. I just want to wrap my arms around both of my kids and keep them there as long as possible. The amount of joy they bring me is indescribable and I hate how fast it is going by.

Who needs a pool in the backyard when you have a sprinkler?
Not this guy! He's happy as a lark with only a water gun. But then again he's happy most of the time anyway. My sweet natured little guy is always smiling.
Bennett told me she was pushing her imaginary friend, Toriado. I just don't know sometimes.
Always lost in a world of imagination. I absolutely love this about her.
Wagon rides after dinner are the best way to end an evening.
Wish we could do this every night of the year.
We love our neighborhood for many reasons, but one is that there is a fabulous green space within walking distance. We love the stream there and have fun learning how to skip rocks.
My little guy.
Sometimes we let Meg come on our adventures. But only sometimes. 
Will is trying really hard to learn how to ride a bike. He's not quite there yet, but we're hoping he will be by the end of the summer. Regardless, he's happy as a lark.
And Bennett is terrific at riding. She still has her training wheels, but she is able to ride around our entire block by herself.
Typical bike ride. Bennett out in front leading the pack, Daddy walking Meg in the middle, Will trying so hard to keep up, and me dragging up the rear and taking everything in.