Friday, September 30, 2016

Lainey starts dance classes!

FINALLY! After years and years of sitting at dance class every single week, Lainey finally got to take her first class. I remember her sitting in the stroller in Dothan just watching through the windows. When she was just starting to crawl, I have vivid memories of her crawling up and down the halls outside of Bennett's studio and B and all of her friends would laugh at Bennett's baby sister trying to get in their studio.

Of course I also have memories of Bennett taking dance in Kansas City and Will learning to walk outside of her dance window as well. time really is flying by.

But Lainey had asked to take all last year and this year there happened to be a 3-4 year old class that overlapped with Bennett's class. We decided to let her go ahead and try it out this year. Of course Lainey wants to do everything her siblings are doing. She wants to play soccer, play tennis, take gymnastics, take ballet, play the piano, sing in the choir.... Lainey wants to take this world by storm. And one day she is going to do it. But for now, here are a few pictures of her very first ballet class. It was absolutely precious.

Before I post the recent pictures, I had to share these old ones. These were taken in April when Lainey would just dress up in Bennett's old leotards and watch longingly out the window. These are two of my favorite pictures. the bottom one is framed and hanging up in our house.

Fast forward 6 months and here we are. Lainey is dressed up again but this time it is to go to her very own class. Go, Lainey!

She was ready to go!! But then she fell asleep in the car and spent the first part of our time there like this. #Threeyearoldprobs

Bennett's class starts first so I let Lainey nap for a bit. When she woke up she started longingly again inside of B's window.

I had to grab a shot of Bennett warming up. She has taken ballet for 6 years now and I never get tired of watching her dance.

This next picture was taken the next week but I am throwing it in because I love it.

Back to Lainey. The doors to her class finally opened and she was the first one in. 

I didn't get any good pictures of her in motion because I was zooming in with my iphone and it was blurry. But I need to post it on here for posterity's sake.

She has the best first day at dance!!

I am so thankful for these sisters. I love them both so.

Tide in Texas, visits with grandparents and more....

September was a great month for the Websters. Most days that we weren't working you could find us just like this. Hanging out in our hammock and enjoying the stillness in the midst of crazy busy routines.

The kids neighbor and best friend Kinley spent the night with us the first week of school. Rob and I heard noises at 10:30pm and found Kinley and Will upstairs playing with trains. Ummmm... how incredibly awesome is this?

The kids made pancakes for the adults the next morning. This getting older thing isn't half bad.

My parents came to town the first weekend in September and we were so excited to have them here. They hadn't been to Texas since late March so we were thrilled to have them visit. Whenever my parents come we have to go to Downtown McKinney and a trip to our favorite candy store is in order.

We spent a Friday evening at a minor league baseball game. Go, Roughriders!

And then the very next day it was opening day for the college football season and Alabama was playing their opening game in Dallas. This was Alabama's third time playing here in the past 12 months. I'll take it! Several of our dear friends from Montgomery came out to the game and they spent the day tailgating at the Websters. Look at this beautiful sea of crimson.

We had a babysitter stay with Lainey and the rest of us headed to the game.

Roll Tide!!

We had a great time and Bama won so, even better!


Hey, look who has a birthday in September?? Happy Birthday, J. Ro!

We didn't do too much on Rob's birthday. We were still resting from the Alabama game, but we had a great low key day just swimming and hanging out as a family.

Birthday picnic pool side.

Will started playing soccer again and Coach Rob once again led the Cougars bravely into battle

We cheered on our friend Taylor in another children's theatre production.

Some days we did nothing. And we took away electronics. So the kids built their own city and named it Overland. Here is the ribbon cutting ceremony.

And there was a pretend wedding. This is Will's face when we told him he had to kiss the bride.

This is just my opinion, but the flower girl stole the show.

Fall is coming!! Hooray!!

A few of the neighborhood kids came over during the Alabama game. Not a good thing to do. So I sent them outside and told them they couldn't come in until they had built a rocket ship out of cardboard boxes. Lazy parenting disguised as creative parenting. Win/Win

We checked out the new Cowboys practice facility. It is less than 10 miles from our house.


Rob wanted to hop in this picture, but I wouldn't let him.

College spirit day at school. 

I was put in charge of our Building Better Moms group at church. This is the only picture I will post because it really consumed my entire month. But I have worked hard and I am praying this year is a success for all of the women involved.

There is no rhyme or reason to this picture. Just Lainey. Being a gecko. Because she wants to.

We went to the Plano Balloon Festival where Lainey found a giant gecko. My child isn't right in the head.

Our 3rd year in a row going to the Plano Balloon Festival. It is so nice when you've been somewhere long enough that things start becoming traditions.

What a great kick off to my favorite season, Fall!! It's the most wonderful time of the year.....