Friday, September 30, 2016

Lainey starts dance classes!

FINALLY! After years and years of sitting at dance class every single week, Lainey finally got to take her first class. I remember her sitting in the stroller in Dothan just watching through the windows. When she was just starting to crawl, I have vivid memories of her crawling up and down the halls outside of Bennett's studio and B and all of her friends would laugh at Bennett's baby sister trying to get in their studio.

Of course I also have memories of Bennett taking dance in Kansas City and Will learning to walk outside of her dance window as well. time really is flying by.

But Lainey had asked to take all last year and this year there happened to be a 3-4 year old class that overlapped with Bennett's class. We decided to let her go ahead and try it out this year. Of course Lainey wants to do everything her siblings are doing. She wants to play soccer, play tennis, take gymnastics, take ballet, play the piano, sing in the choir.... Lainey wants to take this world by storm. And one day she is going to do it. But for now, here are a few pictures of her very first ballet class. It was absolutely precious.

Before I post the recent pictures, I had to share these old ones. These were taken in April when Lainey would just dress up in Bennett's old leotards and watch longingly out the window. These are two of my favorite pictures. the bottom one is framed and hanging up in our house.

Fast forward 6 months and here we are. Lainey is dressed up again but this time it is to go to her very own class. Go, Lainey!

She was ready to go!! But then she fell asleep in the car and spent the first part of our time there like this. #Threeyearoldprobs

Bennett's class starts first so I let Lainey nap for a bit. When she woke up she started longingly again inside of B's window.

I had to grab a shot of Bennett warming up. She has taken ballet for 6 years now and I never get tired of watching her dance.

This next picture was taken the next week but I am throwing it in because I love it.

Back to Lainey. The doors to her class finally opened and she was the first one in. 

I didn't get any good pictures of her in motion because I was zooming in with my iphone and it was blurry. But I need to post it on here for posterity's sake.

She has the best first day at dance!!

I am so thankful for these sisters. I love them both so.

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