Monday, May 16, 2016

Conversations with Will

Will to my Mom who is only in her late 60's- "Mommy Suttle, I love you so much. And you really are lucky to be alive. I mean, you've gotten to live a long time. I think maybe only like 10 people or so have gotten to live as long as you."

Will responding to a comment on how nice he is- "I really am nice. I like everyone. Even if someone shot me with a gun, I would still be their friend. I mean, they may not be my favorite friend, but they would still be my friend."

On playing professional sports- "Mom, so when soccer players professionally... do they only play if they're really good? Like, can their Mommy's sign them up if they aren't like the best?"

*** Can we pause here a moment and reflect on the fact that Will thinks that the Mothers of professional athletes just sign them up for their teams? I love that. I just love the fact that his parents are his complete worldview right now. That is such a humbling and sweet reminder.

Will on the fact that a substitute teacher who is a friend of mine saw him walking laps around his first grade pod the other day- "Yes, I was walking laps. I wasn't in trouble but I just needed a minute to calm myself down. Aiden was my partner on our project and he just wasn't getting it. I explained and explained and then I just got so frustrated that I had to walk labs to give myself a minute."

Oh, how I adore this amazing 6 year old of mine.