Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Not quite ready for the mission field

The Time: Two Nights Ago
The Location: Bennett's Bed
The Situation: Talking to Bennett after we said our prayers

B: Mom, why did we pray for those who were in the tomato?

Me: It was the tornado, honey, and we prayed because so many of them are hurting right now.

B: Do they need a band-aid?

Me: No, but they do need food and clothes.

B: They don't have any clothes???!!!???

Me: No, honey. Some people lost everything. And look in your closet. Do you see how many clothes you have? You have clothes with the tags on them that you haven't even worn. Maybe we should give some of your clothes to the little girls and boys that don't have any.

B: NO!!! You can't give away my clothes!!

Me: Bennett, I wouldn't give away your special clothes, but don't you think we should share? Maybe some of the ones you don't wear anymore.

B: NO! Those little girls not take my clothes.

Me: Bennett, that's not very nice. It tells us in the Bible that we are to take care of those who are sick and poor and hungry. And that means sharing our things.

B: (very annoyed) Oh, fine. Just give them my clothes. Fine.

I tucked her in and went downstairs. Five minutes later her bed room door opened.

Rob: (calling up the stairs) Bennett, close your door and get back in bed.

B: I can't!! Because those girls can NOT HAVE MY CLOTHES!!!!!

Hmmmmm....... I think I have my work cut out for me.


starnes family said...

We try to teach charity to our kids at a very young age. Never will forget Carter, after sorting through his playroom toys and showing him what we were keeping......donating, the poor, he exclaimed:

"But, Mom! Poor kids don't yike toys!

Brittny said...

Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!! This sounds like a conversation I would have with Sophie! Most of the time the kids don't want to give anything away, but 1 out of 100 they change their minds. And when they do, it's awesome to watch!

Anna said...

i LOVE her honesty! love it! and i love what youre working to instill in your children!