Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Still here. Nothing's changed except my baby. She's talking!

Whew! I am so behind on posting. These past three weeks have been an absolute blur. Since the end of June we celebrated Will's 4th birthday, Rob and I celebrated our 8th anniversary, we all traveled through 10 states, drove a total of 35 hours in the van, checked out the White House, rode on some boats, caught lots of fish, waved some sparklers, saw lots and lots of family, I taught a drama camp, we went to Vacation Bible School, I kept my niece for a week, had my parents in town, Rob went on a guys weekend getaway to North Carolina, and much more. Seriously. There's more.

But I do want to post a quick video of Lainey. She is 9 months old now and changing every single day. She is waving, clapping, signing a few words, walking around on furniture, crawling everywhere, and talking a little bit.

Her second word(s) are night-night. She only says them when she is very tired. She actually started saying this at the end of her 8th month and I got this video of her while we were on vacation in Virginia. She was 9 months and 2 days when I took this. Sorry it is so dark, but she only says it a night when she is sleepy.

I'll be back soon to post pics of our awesome DC/Virginia trip, Will's birthday, drama camp, and more. But until then, I  have one more day of VBS to get through and then a much needed day of resting.

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starnes family said...

You deserve the rest! Enjoy it and then get us up to date. Love your fam!