Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday, Will!!!

I don't know how to put some things into words. Certain things are extremely easy to write about and others are harder. Trying to explain how much each of my children mean to me is something that I am not good at capturing. I always struggle on their birthdays to adequately describe them because words just can't do it justice.

I have been sitting here thinking for awhile about how to sum up Will's 3rd year of life and I really can't. Words can't capture his adorable lisp and the way his eyes get so round and big when he is telling you a story. If you have never met him you won't get how he loves to have "talk time" and cuddle at night with this adorable enthusiasm and innocence. He loves games. He could play board games for hours. He loves to fix things. He has the brain of an engineer and will sit for hours playing legos, building train tracks, and playing with hot wheels.

He is sensitive. He is a people pleaser and always gives in to his big sister. He can't stand it when anyone is sad or hurting. He takes life by storm and runs through each day with arms wide open ready to explore.

He is really funny and quirky. He has a very interesting sense of humor. Things crack him up easily and he is the clown of the family. We all sit at the dinner table and just laugh at Will.

Here is a typical Will sentence that he just said the other day.

Me: Will, you know you are going to have to protect Lainey. You are her big brother and you will have to always protect her and look after her.

Will: (sighs and groans) Ugghhh... I guess I'm just gonna have to get a sword and shield.!

This is what I posted on facebook on Will's birthday and it sums up how I feel perfectly.

I was a tiny bit disappointed for just a few minutes when the doctor told me I was having a boy because I wanted B to have a little sister. I think those were the most ridiculous few minutes of my life. Happy 4th birthday to the little boy who has every single bit of me wrapped around his finger. I have no idea what I would do without you. I love you, buddy.

 Here are some pictures from Will's birthday on July 1st. We were in Colonial Beach, Virginia on his actual birthday at my brother and sister-in-law's river house. It was an awesome place to spend a little boy's 4th birthday.

We put balloons outside of his door so he would have something fun to wake up to. And boy did he wake up excited. At 5:45 am!!!! We only allow such madness on birthdays.

To let the rest of the family continue to slumber in peace, we took the kids outside quickly. You can do that when you are at a house right on the banks of a beautiful river. I love this shot that Rob took of me taking a picture of the 4 year old!

Here he is! The birthday boy!
 Early morning stroll on the dock to look at the water.
Fishing first thing in the morning. Otherwise known as still letting the aunts and uncles sleep.
 He caught one! Way to go, birthday boy.
 I think I'll frame this one for his room. Laying in a hammock and watching life go by. Perfect way to spend your birthday.
 Yay! Everyone is up! Aunt Laura made yummy birthday pancakes which we served with candles of course. He loved that. Anytime anyone called him all day the first thing he told them was that he had a birthday pancake for breakfast. He loved it!
 Then it was back out to the water. Kayak rides with Daddy.
 And more fishing.
 And just playing in the sand and water.
 That night we had a train cake for him and presents.
 The room we all stayed in had bunk beds and Will slept on the top bunk. Right by his bed was a little dormer window that looked over the water. After I put the kids to bed I checked on them all about an hour later. The girls were sleeping peacefully and Will was still awake. He was lying on his side, propped up on his elbow, watching boats pass by his window. I asked him what he was doing and he whispered, "Is it still my birthday?" When I told him that it still was, he smiled and said, "I'm just watching these boats. 'Cause it's still my birthday."

What a perfect ending to a wonderful day celebrating 4 years of loving this incredible gift God blessed our family with. Happy 4th birthday, Will! We love you so much.

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starnes family said...

Oh how I miss the train days. So sweet! What a precious boy.