Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer Days

This is how we look most days around here. Exhausted from long summer days, but enjoying every second of our summer break. Please don't let it end! Well, that would mean football season wouldn't start so I retract my last statement. But I do wish I could have summer break and my football at the same time. Now that would be heavenly.

Anyhoo, life around here has been pretty fantastic lately. You never know what is going to be happening at our house.
We like walking up to our neighborhood park in the afternoons. It's even better when there is an airstream trailer there selling Popsicles.
Lots and lots of games of Monopoly.
I spent a week teaching a drama camp! I haven't taught one since Bennett was born and I absolutely loved revisiting that passion of mine.

 I had the best week with an awesome group of kids.
My niece Emmie came and stayed with me for the week and helped me out with camp. I couldn't have done it without her. And we had fun with her at home too.
And I made her favorite meals of course. That's what aunts do, right?
And my parents came for the week to keep Lainey so I could teach the camp. I was (and am) so very grateful. The camp wouldn't have happened if I didn't have anyone to watch Lainey, so THANK YOU, Mom and Dad!!

Hmmm.... what else? We have had a lot of fun going to my parents house to swim and hang out with cousins. It is a 2 hour drive, but we do it as often as we possibly can. It's why we moved back.
Here are all the 1st and 2nd cousins grabbing yogurt one night. I love each and every one of these kids. I miss my cousin Elliot every single day of my life, but I miss her even more when we all get together and she isn't there. I see her beautiful smile and amazing spirit in her kids though and so being with them is absolutely having a part of her still here with us.
I've been running/walking a lot. I can't say that I enjoy it but I know I need to. Fortunately Bennett has started joining me. I usually do just one block with her and then drop her off back home and continue on, but I'll take what I can get. I hope that's something she and I stick with for years to come. Rob snapped this one night as we were headed out. I love her little ponytail swinging.
Sonic drinks for my little sidekick.
Playing out in the warm summer rain.
Headed out to her first rock concert. Okay, a children's Christian rock concert, but still...
I am in leadership for my Mom's group next year so here is a shot of me and my good friend Keely recruiting Moms to join us.
Lainey enjoying time with her Aunt Lisa!
Please, Lord, please. Don't ever let her stop asking me if she can wear her princess costume. Please?
And here is Will on his last day of gymnastics. He had a wonderful year, but is ready to move on to soccer and T-ball.

So thankful for a wonderful summer so far. I couldn't have asked for a better one.


Nate, Abbey, Noah, Blaire and Tatum said...

Love the pics!! Such a good summer!

starnes family said...

One day Lainey will stop asking to wear her princess costume. I will be devastated.

Great summer recap!

Unknown said...

These are all so great! The pic of you at drama camp is my absolute fav. You look so truly full of inspiration and contentment (even though at times it was chaotic!).