Tuesday, August 27, 2013

One week down, 845 to go

I actually have no idea how many weeks there are until Bennett graduates from high school. But 845 feels about right at this moment. Actually 5845 felt right by Friday afternoon. Friday evening my whole family was D-O-N-E.

In addition to a 40 minute commute twice a day for the week we added gymnastics, piano, and ballet. I started teaching drama at the church again, Rob had late night video shoots, my Mom's group started back up and I had to be there early to set up and take down, and I am already in meetings to help plan a fundraiser for B's school.

But this week has been better. We know what to expect, days have more of a rhythm, and life is good. But fitting all of this in between a 10 month old's nap schedule is rather hard. Not gonna lie about that.

I will say the one thing that has been unexpected about this transition is that Will has had a much harder time than we anticipated. He cries because Bennett has left for school by the time he gets up. He misses her terribly at preschool. He was distraught by Wednesday of last week because he missed seeing her in the halls and in the gym. He cried and said, "Nobody yells my name and runs over to hug me anymore." He waits and looks outside his window for her to come home each day. He really was like a little lost puppy and it hurt to see him like that.

But this week he is getting used to it. We all are. And the beat goes on.

This is how I left Bennett on her 2nd day of school. Bright eyed and ready for day number 2.
But you know the Websters can't start school without a little drama. On just her second day of Kindergarten, Bennett got a black eye. Yup. A shiner. The school nurse called Rob to tell him about this. And this is how we picked her up.
Apparently they were playing freeze tag in gym class and a little boy accidentally ran into Bennett. I guess it's a good thing the school nurse called Rob. She gave us the option of going to pick B up or sending her back to class. You know my swagger wagon would have been in that school parking lot in no time flat, but Rob told them to send her back to class. Ummmm..... I called the school immediately to request my number be put first on the call list. Kidding. Maybe.

But she was fine. It didn't bother her at all actually. She headed on to her first piano lesson like a trooper.
By Day 3 it looked bad, but she was more than ready to head back to school.
And by the time she got to ballet on Day 4, she looked like an awesome prize fighter. Heart of a champion, I tell ya.
So I get to spend a lot of time now hanging out with this little beauty.
And we can't wait until noon each day when we get to pick this guy up from his pre-school.
Now off to start dinner while holding a baby on my hip, a 4 year old demanding for me to put on his bike helmet, and a 5 year old practicing her piano rather loudly in the other room. Doesn't get more glamorous than that, my friends.

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starnes family said...

How perfectly adorable is the contrasting picture of Bennett in her ballet outfit with a bruiser? LOVE.