Saturday, August 10, 2013

Panama City, I got really old, and someone hates the sand.

Here are the best things about living in the deep South.

  1. Close to Disney
  2. No shoveling mounds and mounds of snow
  3. Boiled peanuts
  4. I'm not the only lunatic obsessed with college football
  5. Sweet tea
  6. Crepe Myrtlyes
  7. Living close to the beach

Those were in no particular order, mind you. And after last weekend I might move number 7 to the top spot. I love the beach! Now actually, I hate laying out in the sun. I can practically feel the cancer cells forming as my fair skin fries underneath the sun's punishing rays. And I don't really like saltwater. Or seaweed. Or sand for that matter.

But for some strange reason, I still love the beach. I am definitely not the type that will head down to the beach loaded with chairs, blankets, coolers, food, 30 books and camp out by the water all day. No, thank you. I will only do that in the Fall if it is 60 degrees and I have on a long sleeved shirt. In the summer I like to check it out, swim a bit, and then head back to the safety of a pool.

All that being said, we went to the beach last weekend, And I invited my parents to go with us to thank them for keeping my kids the week I taught the drama camp.

Here's my Dad with the kids waiting for our table at Pineapple Willy's. Apparently this is a famous Panama City landmark. I had never eaten there before, but I definitely will again. We really enjoyed it.

We headed down to the beach the next morning. Let me go on record as saying that I have never bought a smocked bathing suit before. To me they are impractical and just so.... southern. And that is coming from someone who loves all things southern.  But I saw these swimsuits last summer at the end of the season on clearance before Lainey was even born and I just could not resist. I totally caved and I am so glad that I did. I mean, come on! How cute are these?
 My little bathing beauty hated the sand. You can see the towel is folded from where I was furiously trying to get it off of her toes after she threw a fit. That's my girl!
 We tried another sibling picture. Will has serious reservations about his little sister. She's not so sure about him either. And Bennett just has her "this is my fake smile so hurry up and take the stinkin' picture so I can get in the water" face.
 Whew! Made it back to the pool. Now Mama's happy.
 My Mom and Lainey had matching hats. You could barely tell them apart
 Mom swimming with her Grandkids. What a fun day.
 Bennett has taken over my old camera and has become quite the photographer. She carries it with her everywhere and she captures everything. I mean everything! I won't go into detail but let's just say I have had to go through and delete a lot of her pictures. Especially after she follows her little brother into the bathroom.
We stayed at the Edgewater Beach Resort which is a wonderful resort and the best part is that they have restaurants on property so we never left all day.
Actually, we left for just a few minutes that afternoon to take the kids souvenir hunting, but we ate lunch by the pool and went back down and ate at the bar and grill overlooking the ocean that night.
Since we were right on the beach we went to take some family pictures. I love this one of Mom and Dad with the kids.
 Me and my honey.
 How much do I love these folks? There are no words.
 My heart, my soul, and my joy. Period.
  And guess what? The next morning someone got older. Sigh....
Thanks, Dad for the balloons! What a fun way to make me feel special. :)

 We spent all day swimming and playing again and then that night we went to this great entertainment complex called Pier Park. Here I am getting ready to head out to celebrate my birthday with these three munchkins.
The whole group after dinner.
And then over the the kids section where they have fun rides and games. Daddy Suttle and Bennett took on the ferris wheel.
As did me and Rob. Who said you have to be a kid to ride?
Train rides for the little ones.
Look at the intensity. Flying planes is a job that needs much concentration.
And I rode some hot air balloon spinny thing that made me dizzy. I had my sunglasses on and I closed my eyes the entire ride. The kids never knew.
Lainey was D-O-N-E by this point so we went back to the condo to let her sleep. My parents stayed with her while Rob and I took the kids down to the beach for an evening stroll. I love the beach at this time of day. I could have stayed there for hours. No hot sun, laying out, or saltwater in my mouth? Perfect.
And I referred to how much Lainey hated the sand earlier, but these pictures sum it up. Poor Lainey bug.

And finally, my favorite picture from the weekend. There's always one that just takes my breath away. It may not be the best picture but it is one that captures a moment or a person so unguarded. This is the one I just love from this particular trip.

What a wonderful weekend! I got to have a great trip with my family, I celebrated my 35th(!!!!) birthday, and I discovered that my youngest and I could bond over our preference for the pool. Can't wait to back again soon.

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starnes family said...

I'm so jealous Bennett still wears cute, sweet clothes. Lainey isn't interested unless it's trashy. My Lainey. Not yours.

Love the beach!