Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday, Lainey!!!!

There is absolutely no way possible that my little Lainey Bug is 1. I refuse to believe it. She is still 3 months old and sleeping beside me in a bassinet with her hands curled up by her head.

And for those of you who tell me that she is a 12 month old who can toddle around, play peek a boo, dance, say words, eat waffles, and watch Elmo.... well I don't want to talk to any of you.

I may snap out of state of denial to meekly acknowledge that my baby is growing up, That yes, today is her first birthday. But at the end of this blog post I am going to cover my ears and pretend like I can't hear you again. Because this year has gone by way too fast for me and I want to keep her a baby as long as possible.

My sweet Lainey bug at 1 year-

- Loves blueberries, apples, cheese, waffles, carrots, applesauce, and squash.
- Can take steps but hasn't just taken off yet. She still prefers to crawl.
-Lainey adores her brother and sister. She crawls after them from room to room and they can make her laugh and smile like nobody else. 
-She sleeps every night with a paci and her white lamb.
-Her favorite book is Pat the Bunny.
-When she lays down in your arms, she makes this contented cooing sound. It honestly sounds like a cat purring and I absolutely love it.
-She can imitate sounds really well. Whether you do a high pitched yell or a low growl, she can imitate it. It is absolutely hysterical.
-She is very curious and wants to know everything you are doing.
-She can wave, clap, play "Where's Lainey," make kissing sounds, hold out one finger to tell you how old she is, and dance.
-Her words are Mama, Dada, Night Night, Meg, and Nette (which is Bennett.) My Mom says she can say necklace too. I doubted her, but she did hold mine and say "neck" today so I'll give her that one.
-She loves to be held and would be content to stay on my hip all day.
-Her overall disposition seems to be easy going, funny, and ready to take on the world.

Happy Happy Birthday, Lainey bug. You completed us.

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