Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lainey's 1st Ladybug Party

Ever since Lainey was born we have nicknamed her our little Lainey bug. So when I was trying to think of something to do for her first birthday, throwing a ladybug themed party seemed like a no brainer.

We kept it very simple. My parents and 2 of my nieces traveled down for the weekend and then I had a few of my close friends over to help us celebrate. We had only small kids over so we didn't have to plan any activities. Really we just had a playdate with cake which was perfect for a 1 year olds birthday. But of course I had to decorate. As my kids get older I won't get to do fun themes much longer and so I plan to enjoy each one while I can. I absolutely love doing this for each of my kids and it was especially sentimental knowing that I was planning my last first birthday party.

Party Day!
 My loves.
I'm so grateful that my parents and my sweet nieces were here. Lainey loves her grandparents and Bennett and Will were so excited to see their cousins. Bennett especially wants to be just like them and copies them in every way imaginable. Thankfully, they are awesome role models and just all around great kids.
Whoo-Hoo!! It's my party!
Fun Ladybug decorations.
I made her banner using pictures from each month of her life.
Thank you gift tags for the ladybug bag favors.
I always have their scrapbooks out at their first (and 2nd) birthday parties. And yes, it is updated all the way through her 11th month. I am really OCD about that. I need counseling.
The large 1 hanging here is made from leftover pictures that I did not use in her scrapbook and then the border is ladybug ribbon I found on clearance at Michaels. A great focal point for the party made for only $1.99.
In the center of this picture is a ladybug made out of her handprint. This is a great keepsake that is now on a shelf in her room.
The awesome ladybug cake and smash cake.
Side view of the living room. I made the ladybugs from paper lanterns and I took old picture frames that I hadn't used in forever, spray painted them white, and then taped ladybugs to the top of the frame to hold portraits Rob had taken of her. The balloon wreaths are from Bennett's 3rd birthday party and I recycle them every year.
Ladybug Lemonade, of course.
And some ladybug themed food. The first picture is strawberries and grapes and the second and cherry tomatoes and black olives on crackers.
Okay, we're all set. Let's party!
We got this bouncy house years ago on Craig's List. Still one of our best purchases ever. The kids had fun playing outside. They went on wagon rides, blew bubbles, bounced in the bouncy house, flew a ladybug kite, and just enjoyed a beautiful Fall morning.
I have to pause and say how grateful I am that the Lord has yet again blessed me with awesome friends. Living in a new town (again) is hard at times and it is especially hard when your family is hours away. I am so grateful for awesome girlfriends who walk alongside me and I am so blessed by their friendship.
The kids kids headed up to the playroom for awhile and then it was time to eat!
Okay, this was awesome! Lainey did not like everyone singing to her. She did not like the attention. And she did not like the plate of sugar with flames on top that I sat in front of her. She wanted nothing to do with it.
Okay maybe I'll try a little bite. Just a little one.
Hmmm.... this isn't so bad. Maybe I'll have another bite.
Okay, what in the world was my problem? This stuff is amazing!
Did I really just eat all of that?
Best. party. ever!
And off to the bath we go!
Post bath change of clothes and it's time to open presents. Any true party girl has at two outfits for every occasion.
Thank you Aunt Lisa, Uncle Jason, Piper, Emmie, and Sutton for the awesome farm!! She loves it!
And thank you to my best friend in Kansas City for our adorable ride on ladybug. I love love love the fact that my amazing friend Jessie still loves my children. She bonded with Bennett and Will immensely when they were toddlers and babies and even though she has never met Lainey, she still treats her like family. We loved getting this wonderful surprise in the mail and Lainey (and Bennett and Will) have ridden it every day since the party.
After the guests had left we headed over to our neighborhood park to enjoy the beautiful day.
 And this was Lainey that evening. She has honestly never just laid down on the floor like that. Even party girls need to take a break.
HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to my beautiful daughter. You are loved and cherished far more than you will ever know. We love you, Lainey bug.


todell said...

A year has passed already? Inconceivable!

starnes family said...

Precious girl, precious family, precious party! Well done.

Christen Price said...

We had so much fun at Lainey's party! Everything was beautiful and tasted so good!!!! So thankful for your friendship too :)