Thursday, October 10, 2013

Things may look like Fall, but.....

My kitchen table may look like this.

And my mantle may look like this. (Side note #1. It's a work in progress. Not happy with the look yet.)
And my front steps may even look like this.

So, from all outside appearance, it may look like Fall.


NOT when the outside temperature looks like this.

(Side note #2. I don't live in Kitsap. I don't know where that is. And it is not 90 degree. It is 80. But it might as well be 90 because that's what it feels like!!!)

I went to college in East Tennessee where my Falls look liked this.
And even in Kansas City, they looked like this.
And more than just looking like Fall, they felt like Fall. Cool weather with winds gently blowing and leaves falling. That amazing smell in the air as people are lighting fires for the first time sine March. Women are wearing scarves and boots and kids are being sent to school with cute corduroy jackets. Ahhhh..... I can't stand it. So, even though it sort of looks like Fall around here, it most certainly does not feel like it. So, I am doing something about it. I am off to the mountains, y'all. I shook my fist at Mother Nature, declared her the winner, and immediately booked a cabin for a weekend getaway. I'll be back shortly after I have watched orange leaves falling from trees while wearing a scarf and drinking apple cider. See ya!

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starnes family said...

Kansas City is the prettiest fall I've ever seen. Hoping for lower temps for you soon!