Thursday, April 15, 2010

How the young'uns are doing

We had our check-ups on Monday. It was Will's 9 month and Bennett's 2 year appointment. 2 kids + multiple shots + one lollipop - medication for me = one long day.

Here's the low down on the kiddos.

Will- He's only in the THIRD PERCENTILE for weight!! What? Are you kidding me? Have you seen this kid? Just in the waiting room I had a woman give me the standard remark, "He sure is a healthy boy." I hate when people say that fyi. We all know what that really means.

Healthy boy comment = What are you feeding your child? Because I seriously think that he could swallow mine.

Anyway, he weighed 16lbs 4 oz. which is a little less than Bennett weighed at that age, but he isn't as tall as she was. I don't know. He looks healthy and perfect to me so I am not going to worry about his 3% diagnosis. He's on the chart. Enough said.

He is crawling on all fours, standing while holding on to furniture, he says Mama, he can clap his hands, laugh, and is just the sweetest and most wonderful baby in the world. Words cannot express how much I love this little guy and I am actually excited when I hear him in his crib in the morning. I know that's odd, but I can't wait to open his door and see those little arms reaching out for me.

Bennett- Holding steady in the 25% for weight. She weighs 24lbs even and is a pretty tall girl for her age. She is highly intelligent (again their words. But I am very proud and had to share) and is just a delight. The Dr. asked if she was speaking 50 words yet and we just laughed.

Then she looked at the door and saw the numbers on the door and said, "Look, a yellow 6!" Then she pointed out all the letters in the room. She knows them all. When the doctor gave her a shot she said, "Thank you, doctor" and when the doctor asked if if she knew where her heart was, Bennett starting singing, "I've got the joy joy joy down in my heart." Sweet Dr. White said she had never been thanked for a shot before. That's my girl. My sweet, inquisitive, delightful, and wonderful little girl.

Bennett even told me on the way home, "I had so much fun at the doctor, Mama." It was only because she received a forbidden lollipop and the sticky goo covering her face erased all memories of shots.

The diagnosis: Two healthy and precious children. I couldn't be more grateful.


Erin said...

So glad they are both so healthy. And I can totally relate to the "he's so healthy" comment. I get that everywhere I go...., and my child is in the 90% for weight - so you can only imagine how much I get that. I am just so thankful that he will eat most anything and that he is growing so well and that he is in fact, very healthy. I am trying to ignore all the comments...., normally the people around here aren't as nice and they just say, "he's SO BIG". GEEZ...., thanks people.
SO happy to hear the wonderful doctor's reports on your sweet little angels!

starnes family said...

"Thank you doctor"


My kids throw lollipops at nurses who give them shots.

Anna said...

yippee! and adorable and oh my word! thank you for a shot?!?!? i'd skip the "highly intelligent" and just jump to "brilliant genius!" but that's just my very unbiased and humble opinion ;) i used to get the "healthy" comments w/ addie too. annoying! now i get, what is she...about 3? um no...she just turned 2! love the pictures! hug those sweet angels for us!