Tuesday, April 6, 2010

And the fun continues.... part 2

Here are some more photos from our Easter weekend. But first I had to share a funny story. Bennett went to her very first big girl church service. They had a sermon for children and so she got to go to church with Mommy and Daddy. She lasted maybe 20 minutes. She yelled, "Amen" at inappropriate times, demanded to sit in the aisle, and laughed out loud during the scripture reading. She's already a skeptic.

But during the sermon they taught the kids that Jesus was alive. Good lesson. However when we picked her up from the nursery later in the day, the ladies told us that Bennett sat in a chair the whole time and yelled to the other kids, "JESUS IS ALIVE!" Preach it, girlfriend.

Okay, on to the pictures.

Hey guys! Did you know that I have a pretty funny little brother?

Our awesome friends invited us over to have brunch with their family. Thank goodness for second families when you are away from yours. Here is me with my lifeline, Jessie.

Bennett and Will hanging out with their best friend, Levi. Levi was a whole lot better at hunting for eggs than my kids.

Possibly my favorite picture ever of Bennett. I almost put it in a separate post so it wouldn't get lost in the shuffle, but who has time for that? This is her sharing an Easter hug with her sweet friend.

My beautiful and growing little girl.

Will discovering that not all eggs are edible.

Who cares about brunch when their are cartoons on. I mean, priorities, right?

My family.

I must say that I had the best Easter basket ever.

He just melts my heart. What a handsome boy.

After naps we went out to fly kites. Bennett did awesome!

One more picture before heading home for the evening.


Brittny said...

i love the b/w of the kids in part 1 and that will is the smoochiest baby boy!!!!! i want to reach through and grab him by the cheeks and plant a fat one on him! better run before the bath water ends up all over the laptop. whoops! injury! i'm out.

Erin said...

LOVE THEM! I don't even have the words for how precious they are.

Andrea said...

Bennett wasn't bad at all during the service... we were what, two rows in front of you, and I only heard her once! (Um, only once over the constant talking of my own 4 year old...)

Lauren W said...

Oh, Andrea. Then you must have been paying close attention to Adam to not hear the "Amens" and "No, Mamas" coming from behind you. And if you had turned around, you most certainly would have seen a stubborn little red head sitting in the middle of the aisle. At least she learned a lesson. Jesus is indeed alive. All is not lost. :-)

The Scott family said...

What a fun Easter weekend! We had a great one too. Maybe I'll finally put pictures on the computer to blog about it one day!

starnes family said...

So precious. Your camera rocks and it doesn't hurt that your family is adorable!!!!!!

Great pic with Jessie, too.

Caroline Armstrong said...

Well if your child is going to yell anything in church, AMEN is perfect!!!!! And your pictures are incredible...i need some photgraphy lessons from you! And Bennett and Will look just beautiful! I am also impressed with her mad kite flying skills...

The Khans said...

Yes, I would say you have some of the cutest kids ever. The pictures are amazing. And I love the fact that you actually got a really good family picture. Glad you had a nice Easter.

Oh and yes, hearing Nicholas say his phrase is too funny, especially with his head movements added to it. Burt says he needs to stop being so Indian with the head bob :-)

Andrea said...

No Lauren, I just couldn't hear her over my own child's constant talking in my ear. ;)

I think Bennett is just preparing to be a preacher herself later in life. Or maybe earlier... did Rob show you the you tube video we found of a toddler that looked like a young Bennett preaching? It was awesome.

Amanda Sutton Davis said...

Lauren, your kids are so cute, they make me want babies now. Like TODAY. I mean, I've always wanted them, but yours make me want to move our timeline up, oh, several years or so.

I could walk by and pick up that basketful of Will and take him home with me. What a sweetheart! Glad your Easter was lovely and here's to many, many more