Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter fun part 1

Can this weekend please come back? Please? I really don't want it to be a new week where Rob is busy at work and I am busy trying to navigate a world filled with temper tantrums, dirty diapers, and dogs that drive me nuts.

This weekend was perfection. Beautiful weather, tons of family time, quality time with dear friends, outdoor adventures, and the chance to celebrate and acknowledge what Jesus did for us on the cross. Pretty amazing.

I am unable to capture everything in one blog post, so here is the first part of our weekend.

Getting Ready for some Easter Egg dying fun!

In case we forgot who we were

Rob was more into it than Bennett. Not really, but I needed a caption.

Bennett chillin' out at a farm. All goats beware.

We found one.

Will is the only smart one in the picture. Only he realized the danger lurking close by.

Feeding a bottle to a baby goat. Bennett LOVED this. She was in heaven and it was so dang cute.

Our family enjoying our beautiful Easter weekend.

Getting ready to go to the children's sermon at church.

Hey guys- my brother is pretty funny!

I don't know who this Easter bunny guy is, but I sure like him.

My first chocolate bunny. Pure happiness.


starnes family said...

Lauren......some of your best pictures yet!

Love the ones of the kids on the chair.....both of them.....perfection.

The family picture is awesome, too! And, Will checking out lurking danger. Greatness.

Why are your eggs prettier than ours and my kids are older?

Anna said...

so adorable. i'm so impressed that you can not only get a picture of TWO kids looking at the camera but smiling too! :) beautiful family! so thankful your weekend was so wonderful and hope you have another one like it sooner than later!