Monday, April 12, 2010

Lauren's pop culture recap

I used to have a life. Truly I did. There was a time when Rob and I were home maybe one night a week. But now, we have children with 7:00 pm bedtimes and no money for a baby-sitter. Therefore, I watch this Panasonic box in my house way more than I should or ever have in the past. The upside is that I am now able to bring you my insight into your favorite shows. I know that your lives have been sadly lacking without it.

This past week.

Dancing with the Stars- If you are voting for Kate Gosselin, then please stop reading this blog. You are no longer welcome. Un-bookmark it, delete your history, whatever you have to do. However, if you enjoy this blog then you will do your patriotic duty and vote for Buzz Aldrin. Oh, wait. I'm a week too late. Okay, vote for anyone you wish except for Kate. And that bachelor dude.

American Idol- Is anyone still watching this show? I honestly could not care less this season. It's all been downhill since Adam Lambert. Before you crucify me, just know that I think he is as odd as you do. But nobody can perform on a stage better than him, and sadly I have been comparing everyone this season to Mr. Lambert with tragic results. If I have to root for someone, it would be the awesome Mamasox.

LOST- Connection to sideways world!!! Love it! As my good friend Corey said in an e-mail shortly after the show- PENMOND 4-evah! I still say Smokey is good and Jacob is evil. Watch for it. I actually have a lot more to say on this subject, but I am afraid to reveal too much of my inner nerd.

Survivor- Who cares? I am still heartbroken about the departure of Boston Rob and cannot talk about my healing process yet.

Cake Boss- Staged, staged, staged! But yummy.

Amazing Race- If you would like to apply to be on this show with me, please send me your qualifications. I have ruled Rob out as a possibility because I value our relationship which this show would be sure to destroy. I am pulling for the cowboys mainly because they say, "Oh, my gravy" every week.

Little House on the Prairie- I love this show and always will. If you don't see the majesty and beauty that is Pa Ingalls, well then I just feel sorry for you. Nobody touches me like Miss Beatle, the horse Bunny, Reverend Alden, Albert, and Mr. Edwards. Genius, I tell you. Forget being a stay at home Mom watching soaps and eating bon bons. I'll take Half Pint re-runs and a bag of chex mix any day.


starnes family said...

Wait. Adam Lambert was on American Idol? Where have I been? Was Lady Gaga, too?

Shows how much I watch this show.....or any on the list. How are we friends, Lauren?

OK, I love Little House on the Prairie. I grew up despising Nellie, but secretly coveting her ringlet curls. Such a huge improvement over my half wavy/half straight mess of a head of hair. I LOVED her look. Guess a girl's got to have a dream....

The Scott family said...

Pick me, pick me for Amazing Race! I've traveled a lot, lived in Asia, speak enough Mandarin to get around, and am currently typing as I nurse my 6 week old! As you can see, I am incredibly qualified and look forward to splitting the money with you!

Anonymous said...

I don’t have kids who go to bed at 7 but don’t have much of a life! I need DOWN time at night.

So…. DWTS. Totally agree. For her sake. Don’t vote for Kate!

AR. While I’d love to do it with you, I’m not sure the producers would take “she is married to someone he used to work with” as a viable partnership. I’m totally pulling for the cowboys! Best weekly quotes ever.

Survivor. This week just killed me. I missed Rob. Probst did too (LOVE reading his blog every Friday on

Enough of my admitting to the world on your blog that I have no life.

Abby said...

I will totally join the Amazing Race with you. Julie and I talked about applying together a while back. Jerrod refuses to apply with me because he claims it would be the demise of our relationship.

Jen K. said...

I LOVE CAKE BOSS. I think we might be taking a pilgrimage there this weekend. Also, I do a pretty great imitation of Buddy's play-by-play of getting the cake in and out of the van, how it almost tips over, and how everyone "went nuts" when they saw it. It's my new spécialité.