Monday, April 19, 2010

Creative outlet

I am missing being creative lately. I really miss brainstorming in meetings, I miss writing scripts, I miss directing plays and skits, I miss editing videos, I miss setting light cues, I miss running technical teams, I miss camera training, I miss pulling costumes together, I miss teaching drama classes, and I miss running our worship services. I miss everything.

So, I was cooking dinner the other night and Rob told me that he thought I was channeling some of my creative energy into cooking. I didn't get what he was talking about at first, but I think he's right. This past year I have started really cooking a lot more than I ever did. We only eat out one night a week and I don't like doing processed food, so I just started cooking. A lot.

The funny thing is that I invent recipes. I scour cook books and just experiment. It's been fun, but I never considered that the kitchen was now my creative outlet. Maybe it is. I'm glad Rob likes it, but I think I would trade it in a heart beat if I could work with children and theatre again.

Here is a typical night at our house. I don't know what I was making this night, but it's usually experimental, sometimes good, sometimes great, and sometimes we take a bite and head to Chick-fil-A. But it's fun.


Anna said...

i'm SO impressed! will you PLEASE post some of your favorite dinner recipes! i'm always desperate for something new!

Caroline Armstrong said...

Well I think those muffins look divine!
And on another note, i was exhausted after reading your last post. I have kind of given in to just not taking them anywhere anymore myself.
Oh-and I too tried the limeaide in the sippy cup once before as well!
And if you ever want to discuss some Lost, please contact me. Kyle and I are OBSESSED!!!! Though if I am being honest, and I a little glad it is ending. it consumes waaay too much of my brain powers.

Anonymous said...

awesome!! i thinking cooking and baking are totally creative outlets...especially when you make up your own recipes. i love doing that.

Unknown said...

You know who would be very pleased to hear it. Speaking of whom, you need to start parting Bennett's hair on the other side and teaching her the ritual of pin curls.