Thursday, April 8, 2010

Editor's Note


Please note that I said that the very first thing I did was check on them. I was merely relaying my thought process while Rob was searching the house. The first thing I asked the firemen in fact was whether or not I needed to get them out. Didn't you guys ever ask yourselves, "What three objects would I save in a fire?"

People don't count. Just objects. And anyway, it is purely hypothetical. Who decided that it was only three? If there truly was a fire and if I were saving things (AFTER MY FAMILY MEMBERS) I would be hurling as much stuff as I could out the window. Blankets, pictures, my favored pet of the day, my Sports Illustrated Crimson Tide commemorative issue. You know, the important stuff.

Just needed to clarify before you all called social services on me. :-) And before you all get in a huff and call PETA, I am kidding about the pets too.


Rob Webster said...

A) I don't believe you about the pets. I think one pet may get "accidentally" left behind.

B) You'd rescue me, right? Honey? Right?

Truth be told, finding your downstairs smelling of smoke and looking like the London Fog just rolled in was a little scary. We looked for 20 minutes searching for what might possibly be burning. It was definitely more a smoldering, electrical, rubbery smell. We called 911 at about 2:20am. I was just glad they didn't turn on the lights and sirens when they came. I think I must have explained it pretty well on the phone. Our house wasn't on fire, or burning down, but something was putting out a lot of smoke. It took the firemen about 10 minutes to figure out what was going on, too. It was the motor in our heater. The bearings locked up, but it was still trying to run, so it overheated and started smoldering, sending smoke through our vents. Noxious smoke. Awful smoke. Smelly smoke.

Firemen left. Windows were opened. Fans were turned on. Children cried. Children went back to sleep. Parents tossed and turned for hours.

starnes family said...

I love that you're actually clarifying this, Lauren. Crazy!

(with that in mind, please disregard CPS and PETA calling today......I might or might not have tipped them off)

Brittny said...

hahaha!!!! don't you love that we have to explain ourselves at times? and rob, i love your version just as well as lauren's. you guys make me so happy! even when your house may be burning down. : )

Anna said...

so thankful that everyone is ok! honestly, i had NO doubt that your kiddos would come first! love your "christmas smell" story! you never cease to crack me up! :)