Thursday, April 15, 2010


My nieces are always asking me to tell them stories about when they were young. I have a pretty good memory for that kind of stuff, but I am starting to forget a lot. Sadly. I thought I should record some of what we call "Bennett-isms" mainly so that when she asks me to tell her something funny about herself, I can just pull up this blog page. Voila. I'm done and supermom lives to see another day. These are her favorite phrases.

I no like.....anymore. Insert any word in the middle. I no like talking on da phone anymore. I no like Will in my house anymore. I no like apple juice anymore. It's all pretty cute. I love the anymore tacked on the end for added emphasis.

I had so fun at the...
Everything she likes is, "I had so fun at the." We took her to get ice-cream last week and she said, "I had so fun at the ice-cream, Mama." Every day she had fun at the church, playing with Meg, etc...

I so scared of the ...... Same thing. Insert your favorite word. She mainly says it when I am cooking and the smoke alarm goes off. She will say, "I so scared of the beep beep, Mama."

Mama, ooooohhhhh.
This is from Bohemian Rhapsody. Close your eyes. Can you hear it? The part in the middle? Mama, oooohhh ooohhh ohhh oooh... Didn't mean to make you cry.... Bennett loves the first part and sings it every day.

Girl Burl Bed.
Can't quite get it right. I love it.

Mommy, help with the......
Shoes, hair, shirt, sippy cup.... you name it.

Yay, Bennett. Great job, You did it! If Bennett does something and I don't compliment her right away, she will say this to herself and look at me sideways. When I finally repeat what she said she bursts out laughing.

Poor Will. Okay, so this may not sound funny, but it is hysterical. I guess that I say this all the time, because she has been doing this since Will was 3 months old. I will say Will's name in passing and she puts her hand on her forehead so dramatically and say, "Poor Will." I laugh out loud every time. Which is probably the reason she keeps doing it. :-)

Good job with the driving. Whenever I pull into the garage, I hear this sweet phrase. Love her heart. She also says, "Good job with the cooking, Mama" whenever I hand her her dinner.

What she calls her little brother.

Pants on the ground. Lookin' like a fool with pants on the ground
Hmmmmm..... wonder where she got that? Now she sings it when I take off her clothes and put on her pajamas.

Bennett do it. EVERYTHING these days is, "Bennett do it. I no like help anymore."

She still has her favorite songs that I have blogged about previously, but her new favorite one is "Rockin' Robin. She loves the tweet tweet part in the middle and she LOVES "Popular" from Wicked. We have to listen to that one non stop in the car. Not that I mind. I love my little Broadway girl in training.

Okay, so that's all I can think of for now. She talks non stop, but these are a few of the repetitive phrases that I absolutely love and the ones I will tell her about one day when she asks me what she was like at this age. Funny, feisty, loud, sweet, and precocious. That's my girl.


Amanda Sutton Davis said...

A) Good job raising a girl who's not afraid to compliment herself. We should all be so lucky to feel that good about ourselves! Let's hope that continues through her teens!

B) Though I haven't met her, I think your kid is awesome. Any child who is witty enough to sing "pants on the ground" when you're changing her for bed is A-OK in my book.

C) Can't wait to see her in her school's version of Wicked. Elphaba or Galinda? Hmmmm.....the jury is still out. :)

She's adorable and you're a supermom for writing all this stuff down.

Anna said...

absolutely precious. i had just started keeping up w/ some of addies for a later post bc i'm afraid i will forget them w/ all that's going on! my favorite: good job bennett! so cute! she's so precious and i LOVE "hearing" things she says. they are both at such a funny/fun age!