Saturday, May 1, 2010

What is wrong with me?

Okay, friends. Help a sister out.

A few months ago, Rob and I were staying at our friends house in Missouri and it was the night before church. I asked my friend for one of these-

You all know what this is, right? You would have thought I had asked for a homemade pipe bomb. She told me that she never uses an iron. Ever. I was astounded. She did have one, but she had to dig it out and I think it was made in 1988. Rob and I have talked about that. I admired her for being able to shirk this chore, but I had no idea how she did it.

Fast forward to last night. I was talking to a bunch of ladies, and guess what? NONE of them iron. NONE! Not one! I was the only one there who knew how to use of these.

And yes, we dry clean, I shake things out before putting them in the dryer, I put things in a steamy bathroom, I smooth out wrinkles with my hand..... all of those things. But I still iron clothes at least 4 times a week. Even Will's little shirts.

Am I crazy? Does anyone else in the free world iron? What am I doing wrong? Am I a nerd for kind of enjoying it? Why has nobody told me about this before? I suppose none of you are washing dishes either. Vacuuming? Who does that when you can just use a lint roller on the carpet? I am going to start re-thinking my life and the purpose behind it.


Erin said...

Okay, that's pretty funny! I also iron - though not much I admit. I don't dry clean much either...., guess I just wear wrinkled clothes! Jay's shirts/pants always get ironed and my blouses (does anyone even use that word anymore)? I only iron EB's church clothes :)
YES, I vacuum - with a vacuum cleaner and I scrub my bathrooms by hand!
You are not alone in your endeavors :)

The Khans said...

You make me laugh all the time Lauren. We do own and use an iron and ironing board, but I don't do it four times a week. Burt probably does for his work stuff, but me, just for Sunday's mostly. Play clothes and my clothes during the week I might use the dewrinkler spray or if absolutely necessary iron.

starnes family said...

Haven't ironed since I married Blake. He does it all.

I know. Start drooling ladies.....

Andrea said...

I don't iron. If there's ironing that needs to be done here, my husband does it. (Hey, the military really did teach him some life-long skills! I just manage to iron more wrinkles into things.) We also usually wear things like t-shirts and jeans, no iron necessary.

I think we iron maybe three times a year?

No wonder your family always looks so cute. :)

The Scott family said...

I iron the girls' dresses-why they make baby clothes that you have to iron, I'll never know! Ok, I'll be honest and tell you that my mom gets tired of seeing my girls in wrinkles or not wearing the pretty dresses so she takes their clothes home to iron. Maybe I should grow up! I don't iron my own clothes if I can help it and Rich irons his himself. I've trained him well! :) I just finished vacuuming though!

Dawn Lovo said...

Matt thinks I am crazy, but I iron the pockets of everyone's khaki pants every week. They come out of the dryer all crumpled up & I have to flatten them. My mother-in-law loves to iron - it is her "favorite chore." Needless to say, I save it all up for weeks before she gets here!

Cindy Allen said...

Hey! I LOVE your blog!!!! I iron, but not very much. I "fluff" everything in the dryer and then immediately hang so that I don't have to iron much at all. I do own one and I even own an ironing board! :O)

Original Girl said...

Thanks for stopping by! Yes, the shoes are not available online (yet) and I haven't been able to find them at any stores near me! Boo. Looking forward to reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

I iron.
I love to iron.
I wish my ironing board wasn't set up in my bedroom!
One reason I'd love a new-to-me home. A room that is an office/craft/sewing/ironing room. With a door that closes.

Beverly said...

O.K. honey - You're a SOUTHERN GIRL! And don't you EVAH forget it!! Love you!!!