Sunday, May 2, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

1. Eating hot french fries in the car when you leave a drive through. I thought when I had kids that I would always wait and eat our fries when we got home. I didn't want nasty and greasy stains all over our car. Whatever! Eating hot french fries as you are pulling out of the drive through are the best guilty pleasures of all! Let the stains commence.

2. Sticking my baby in a pack and play and letting him watch Baby Einstein while I grab another half hour of sleep in the morning. Actually, I don't feel guilty about that. That's called survival.

3. Disney Channel. I don't care what you think. I'm 31 and I will totally sit and watch a "Suite Life on Deck" marathon if I stumble across it. Actually, I will watch any Disney show. They remind me of TGIF. Remember that? Full House, Step by Step, Family Matters? Come on, you know you watched it. Well, only if you were a loser and didn't get invited to spend the night with anyone on that particular Friday night. But secretly you were glad because you got pizza and a dose of Uncle Jesse.

4. 48 Hour Murder Mystery shows. Just trying to keep my wits about me in case Rob tries anything funny. I will watch these for hours. I don't know why. That's why it's called a guilty pleasure.

5. Drinking all of the milk out of the bowl even after the cereal is gone. Okay, I think this is gross, but I am submitting it on behalf of my husband.

Anyone else?


Brittny said...

so fun! if you wait until you get home, the fries are soggy. who likes that? plus, nobody will sit still long enough to eat the entire meal, so it just saves you a battle later. : )

miss the kids' channels. (no cable here) but i used to watch iCarly and that witch show with selena on it? can't remember the name.

and yes, i totally remember (and miss) TGIF. i specifically remember talking about watching it at school one day and someone (one of the "popular" kids) asked me what that was. yup, they had a life and i didn't.

oh, and yes, you do iron too much. but that's one of the quirks i love about yoU!

starnes family said...

Love this post.

I have so many......buttered popcorn at TV shows.....cereal at night before bed.

Can't wait for tonight! Add that one....movies.

Erin said...

Oh, I am SOOOO with you on the french fries and the cereal milk! And your idea about the pack n' play in the morning - brilliant. Now mine can climb out of the pack n' play, so I guess I should have thought about that about 8 months ago!

We are all surviving aren't we?

The Scott family said...

Guilty Pleasure 1: The City on while the girls are napping.
Super Guilty Pleasure 2: The Hills. I gave it up b/c it's ridiculous but got sucked back in. I'm totally embarrassed to admit that, by the way!
3. McDonald's chocolate chip cookies and sweet tea (hey, it's $2.16 for 3 cookies and about 32 oz of tea! Easy on the wallet, not so easy on the scales!)

Dawn Lovo said...

Eating ice cream while watching Biggest Loser!! ;)

Carmen & Eddie said...

the left over milk all sweetened by the cereal ROCKS!!!!!

I loved me some TGIF!!! good family TV!!

And yes, eat up the fresh fries... followed by a gulp of your drink:)

Nate, Abbey, Noah, Blaire and Tatum said...

I love your blog! And fyi...I soooooo loved TGIF. It almost has a cozy spot in my heart of my childhood!