Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our squirrel odyssey

Day 1- I hear something in our attic. Maybe it's a bird. A squirrel? Who knows, but I don't like the sound of it.

Day 6- I should probably call some sort of pest control place.

Day 21- Hmmmm..... they're multiplying. What am I so lazy? I should probably tell Rob about this.

Day 26- Rob agrees that we should probably call someone.

Day 31- They've multiplied. Okay, this is it. I am calling someone tomorrow.

Day 33- Why is calling a pest control place so off of my radar until I hear these maddening squirrels above my head in the morning?

Day 39- Bennett keeps telling us, "I hear da animals making noises, Mama."

Day 42- Okay, enough is enough. They are taking over our house. There is a colony of them now and they are just up there taunting me. And Bennett keeps saying, "I so scared of da animals, Mama."

Day 43- We finally call someone. It will be FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS to remove squirrels. What??? Are you kidding me? We are taking matters into our own hands.

Day 44- Survivor Man Rob climbs on our roof with squirrel traps. They are loaded with peanut butter and the trap only cost $40. We are in it to win it.

Day 45- No squirrels caught. And they continue to taunt us by shutting the trap door without getting caught.

Day 46- Survivor Man Rob is climbing through our attic luring squirrels into his trap with food and positive thinking.

Day 47- No squirrels.

Day 48- We see the squirrels peering out of a hole in our roof. They are openly mocking us.

Day 49- No squirrels

Day 50- They've multiplied again.

Day 51- We cave and call Cridder Ridder. We pay $500. Seriously.

Day 52- A neighborhood girl rings our doorbell to tell us that there are dead squirrels on our roof.

Day 53- I hand a burly man a very large check for executing 6 squirrels. I am switching careers. I'm no fool. I see where the money is.


Brittny said...

that is funny and disgusting. at least they weren't fighting. i heard of someone finding two possums fighting it out in their attic. blood everywhere. ok, i think i'm about to lost my breakfast. i haven't eaten it yet, but i probably will when i do. babies were in there too. won't tell you who it was. trying to sell their house. still.

Caroline Armstrong said...

Oh girl...what a nightmare. I was going to tell you to call Brittny about their old house that they are trying to would be someone good to be able to discuss "house pets" with:)
Also, I know you are a LOSTIE, so I am waiting for a fabulous post about it from you...I am left a little unsettled.
Also, POOR THING! I hope you get well soon my friend!

Anna said...

oh my. i love your chronologicalling (i dont think that's a word...) of it! i'm glad they are gone but i'm so sad you had to pay out your ears for it! we too have a fwc (furry woodland creature) that lives in our living room wall...but he/she has yet to multiply. i'm hoping the guy who we're about to pay to clean up our yard will trim the overhanging trees and that will help. i'm hopeful :)

Nate, Abbey, Noah, Blaire and Tatum said...

That is awesome. I had my own squirrel fiasco once...came home from college and told my dad there was a squirrel in our attic. He didn't care nor do anything. Next time I came home my blinds had been eaten and my room was a wreck, it had been in my room! Next thing I know...horrible dead animal smell. I still give my dad crap about not doing something earlier. Ha!