Sunday, May 9, 2010

Good thing it's not Fathers Day

The Scene: I am in the kitchen making dinner. Bennett is playing on her slide. Will is crawling on the floor. Rob is on his laptop. Everyone is happy. All of a sudden Will starts screaming.

Me: What happened?
Rob: He's fine.
Me: Why is he screaming?
Rob: He just fell down and banged his head on the side of the table.
Me: Geez, Rob. Can you pick him up?
Rob: It's not like he fell down the stairs or anything.
Me: (counting to 10) Good point.


starnes family said...


Happy Mother's Day! I'm so glad we're friends. Can't wait to get to know you better!

Brittny said...

oh my gosh i love you guys! only our conversation would have been reversed. i'm always, "whatever, it's not THAT much blood and limbs are still attached." brandon's always, "what happened?!?!?! why didn't we catch him/her?!?!?! how could...." like i said, whatever.

Erin said...

Guess I am opposite of Brittny. Lauren, I am with you on this one :)
Happy Mother's Day! And Rob, I still love you.

Nate, Abbey, Noah, Blaire and Tatum said...

I love it. So typical! What would we do without these husbands? Happy Mother's Day!

Caroline Armstrong said...

Girl...I am usually with you, until yesterday when my children have been so awful beyond my capacity to handle, (which is why I have not been blogging because when I sit down to type all I want to type are obscene (sp??) words so I just get up and leave). But anyways, Hunter has been so bad that we were checking out of this local toy store getting some birthday gifts and Hunter was standing by the door not minding me and the owner told me he had almost pinched his fingers in the door when it shut, and I looked at her and this is what I said: "well if he does pinch them then he deserves it becasuse he is not minding me." She was appauled with me and glared at me the rest of the time we were in there. She even went over and patted Hunter on the shoulders...which made me even madder.
on another note, I have been MIA from checking blogs too and just updated myself on all that I have missed on yours and wanted to comment on several of your past ones but his is getting to be the longest reply I have ever had so I am going to wait until the next post:)