Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tips for the day

1. Shave your legs before you go to the chiropractor. You always remember to with other doctors, but you forget that the chiropractor will be looking at your ankles. And then you are laying face down on a table mortified.

2. Don't buy an American Foxhound. You may get a lot of love, but you won't get much else besides blank stares and high vet bills.

3. Clean out your bottom produce drawer frequently. I'm just saying.

4. Don't read Twilight. It costs you about 15 years of hard earned maturity. Suddenly you find that you have reverted back to your 14 year old self and are googling things such as "Robert Pattinson" and "Team Jacob."

5. If any member of The Brady Bunch comes to your town, go see them. I will be checking out Barry Williams tomorrow night in a highly acclaimed dinner theatre production of "Church Basement Ladies 2." I am sure that it will be a life changing experience.


Unknown said...

Love it! Especially #4!!! I can so relate!

Brittny said...

you crack me up!!!! i love you!