Monday, September 14, 2009


This is a blogjack! Everybody follow instructions and no one will get hurt.

This isn't Lauren writing. No, this is her husband, Rob, and this, friends, is a blogjack. This has always been, supposedly, "our" blog. But it's really been Lauren's blog. And I blame her. She sets the bar so high and chronicles our lives so well that I've never seen the need to add anything.

And it's not really that I see the need now, except that earlier tonight Lauren said, "I'll bet you never contribute to our blog."

Gauntlet thrown.

So, in the same spirit as her most recent post, here are Three Things I'm Wondering.

1. Who plays music videos anymore? I remember this one channel that used to. And then a spinoff channel that carried the banner. Is it just a YouTube thing now?

2. Who watches music videos?

3. If an award is given for, say, Video of the Year, why does the singer accept the award? That would be like an actor receiving an award for Best Picture. The award belongs to the director. Whoever directed Beyonce's video should be up there getting the award. Let Beyonce get her Grammy. She can sing. She may even write. And she may have had some collaboration on the direction of the video. But she didn't make the video. And neither did Taylor Swift. Or Kanye.

Okay, Blogjack over. Back to your lives. There's nothing to see here, folks. Move it along, move it along...


Carmen & Eddie said...

LOL! To answer your questions... VH1 Classics still plays mainly videos or concerts of those 80's hairbands... who watches them. A true child of the 80's (a.k.a my husband). There you go:)

Brittny said...

i love it!!! i have a blog question for the two of you. it's a race to see who answers it first. how do you get that photo to be your header and the frame and "blog header" to go away. i can't get mine to work. email me at with your solution.

Abby said...

1. Just a Youtube thing.

2. I do... on youtube ;)

3. B/c no one would tune in to watch a bunch of strangers accept awards, and b/c things like Kanye vs. Taylor would never go down, thus leading to lower ratings.