Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It could be a whole lot worse

New words Bennett said today. Okay, repeated.

1. "Cwap." After Mommy dropped Will's dirty diaper on the floor.

2. "Hey, Babe!" After Daddy walked in the door.

3. "Oh, geez." After Macy Gray danced on Dancing with the Stars.

Somebody's getting soap in their mouth. And it's not Bennett.


Brittny said...

it could be worse! christopher used to say d%@* it and use it appropriately! please understand that i was under an incredible amount of stress when those words would slip from my mouth. i had a newborn baby that never, i repeat NEVER, stopped crying for a year. but it took all brandon and i had to not let him see us laugh b/c he used it when he'd drop something. just like i did! you just used a better word than i did!

Brittny said...

i forgot to say that c-man also used "hey babe!" for both brandon and i. and last night when changing sophie's nasty dirty diaper i pulled the diaper back and he said, "that's awful!!" i died!

Carmen & Eddie said...

I don't think #2 and #3 are bad at all!!! I agree with her on #3, 100%! As for #1- Sebastian has not entered that stage, but I fear the day he may repeat that one!!!