Sunday, September 13, 2009

Did someone take my daughter to France?

Bennett was absolutely adorable tonight. She was playing and talking and we were just delighting in her. When it was bedtime I told her that it was time to go night-night. She said, "Okay, night-night." I picked her up and we started up the stairs. She said, "Night Night, Daddy. Night Night, Will. Night Night, Pierre." I started laughing and asked Rob if he had heard that. The she said, "Wuv oooo, Daddy. Wuv ooo, Will. Wuv ooo, Pierre." I asked Rob if she had just told Pierre that she loved him. Rob agreed that indeed Pierre had been given some love.

I carried Bennett to her changing table and as I was changing her diaper, this is what I heard-

Bennett: Night Night, Pierre. Clock. Bye-Bye, Pierre. PUPPY!! Book. Book. Book. Book. Pierre. Wuv oooo, Pierre. Help! Help! Shoes. Book. Chips. Yucky, diaper. Pierre, Night Night. Book! Please, book! Pierre.

I was laughing so hard that Bennett frowned at me and quit talking. But seriously, Pierre? Is this her first imaginary friend? And why is he French?

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Erin said...

I wonder if she knows Alastaire too?? :)