Friday, September 11, 2009

"Kay" on video

After I posted about Bennett saying, "Kay" below, I thought I would get it on video. Our video camera is never charged and we can never find it which is sad for the parents of 2 young children, but there you go. Anyway, it was actually charged and on the counter yesterday when Benentt was running around so we got this. You can hear her saying, "Kay, Juice." She also says a few other things that I think are quite adorable.

Right after that video we were sitting down to dinner. Again, since the camera was charged we got her saying a few words that she knows. I mainly filmed this because I want to remember how her voice sounded at this age. Rob wants me to say that she really does know all of these words and isn't just repeating sounds. We were just thinking of things off of the top of our heads. She actually knows more than this and every word she says here are objects or things that she knows and can point out and say on her own. There are more, but our brains were fried at the end of the day and we were just trying to remember some words that she knew. I love her, "Bye Camera" and "Love you" at the very end.


Carmen & Eddie said...

Benette has an admirer... I was watching video and Sebastian was playing in the livingroom. As soon as he heard her voice he came running into the kitchen and was glued to the screen. When Benette waved bye-bye Sebastian waved bye-bye in return! Great vocab Miss B!!!!

Courtnie Johnson said...

she has the sweetest voice ever!

Brittny said...

so cute!!! the kids loved watching it. sophie would try to talk back and i about died when after bennett said kirby sophie started saying "no no no". she has no idea about that either. when she said sophie, christopher looked at our sophie, then looked at me with total surprise and said, "she learned her name!" thanks for the entertainment!!

Courtney said...

So cute! Beyond words! I love how in the juice one, she keeps looking at you guys like "um, yeah. I already said OK, what's the holdup people?"
She's adorable.