Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Fall, y'all!

One of the best things about our move to Kansas is the weather. Well, I will definitely want to retract that statement in January, but for now I LOVE it. In Alabama we had about 6 days of fall total. After growing up in Northern Virginia and spending 4 years in East Tennessee, I miss fall. And we have it here, thank goodness. The weather has been unbelievable these past few weeks and the leaves are starting to change. We decided to celebrate on Saturday by going to a local farm to pick apples. I did this a few time in Virginia and was excited to take Bennett and let her pick some for herself. Now we have way too many and if anyone knows any good apple recipes, please let me know. :-) Happy Fall!

Putting the apples in the basket

Bock Bock's everywhere. She was beyond ecstatic.

What a beautiful Fall morning on the farm.

We got Will out of his car seat so he could actually be in a picture.

Yay, apples!!

Getting a little help for the high ones.

Swinging with my grandparents. Hey, Will's back.

Heading to the car after a fun morning. Catch you guys later.


Erin said...

Love, love, love the family picture under the apple tree! That's so "picturesque"

Brittny said...

can we move in with you guys for about 6-8 weeks? i think it will take at least that long for it to cool down to the low 80s and stay there. it's supposed to be in the upper 80s by the end of the week here. anyone jealous of that? if so, give me your address and we'll do a va-ca swap for a while! : )

Andrea said...

Apple crisp is my most favorite thing to do with apples, after eating them raw that is. It's way simple. We have one of the crank, peeler, slicer, corer machines if you want to borrow it to peel/slice/core your apples to make it even easier to make yummy deserts with them. They can also be frozen after they're sliced up for later cooking use.