Thursday, September 17, 2009

Livre, Kay? Manger, Kay? À l'extérieur, Kay?

So, here's my random thought for the day. If I knew as many words as Bennett did in a foreign language, I could do pretty well. She's just flat out talking. I don't know how else to describe it and I can understand her perfectly. Everything is, "Kay?" She will tell you what she wants and then say, "Kay?" That is her way of saying, right now! And she knows more words than I can begin to write down.

So I was thinking. What if I went to France and just stood in the street and said, "Manger, Kay?" Strangers passing by would take pity on me and lead me to a restaurant. If I asked for a livre, someone would hand me a book. If I wanted to go to À l'extérieur, some kindhearted French woman would lead me outside.

So really, Bennett is fully capable of communicating in the most basic form if that makes sense. She can tell you exactly what she wants or what she wants to do, which is more than I can say when I travel overseas. Not only will she say, "Eat, kay?" when she's hungry, but she'll tell you exactly what food she wants. She'll tell me, "Elmo, kay? Outside, kay? Play Meg, kay? Book, kay? Help, kay?" The girl is set. What more do you need, really?

I don't know why these thoughts just occurred to me, but there you go. She might have one issue though. She does know the words, "Yucky diaper," but I think if she stood in the middle of the street and said that she might not get the help required. She often doesn't get it at our house either.

And really, if I stood in the middle of the street in Paris and say, "Eat, kay?" they would probably ignore me and mutter something about stupid Americans. But it was a nice thought.


Caroline Armstrong said...

I think I might try that tonight. I am just going to look at Kyle and say Eat, Kay? Surely he will get the picture and as a matter of fact, it would probobly be more effective than going on about what, when and where we should eat. I might have just learned something very useful here...

Anna said...

have i mentioned recently that you make me laugh?!?!?