Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What people must think of us

We are moving (again) in about a month. That is a whole other story for a much longer blog post so I will save that for another time. But anyway, we had a moving company come to our house last night to give us an estimate. The man they sent was a nice guy and I realized that you have to have a lot of trust in your moving company because they are looking in every drawer, closet, and corner that you have.

So anyway, he was looking all around our house and not saying too much, but just writing notes on his pad. He ignored all of the mic cables and video cameras. He didn't say anything as he looked at all of the boxes of wigs, ketchup bottle costumes, and royal crowns. He slightly hesitated as he opened a closet and saw 5 guitars, a mandolin, and about 20 harmonicas. But when he got to our basement and saw life size Phantom and Annie posters as well as another guitar, mic stand, and a salt shaker costume, he finally put down his pad and looked at us and said, "Okay. I just have to ask. What do you guys do?"

He seemed relieved when we said that Rob used to be a worship leader and I taught drama to kids and all of the video gear was that we were both into video production. I think he bought it, but he left pretty quickly after that. If we go with this company, he will probably put a word out to all of his employees- don't ask questions about this family. Just pack.

But enough of that. Here's a picture of Bennett playing in our yard over the weekend. On day she will appreciate our costumes, posters, microphones, and she already LOVES it when Daddy plays the guitar for her, so there you go. :-)


The Khans said...

Bennett is getting so big. She is adorable. Where are you moving too this time around? I guess you will fill us in soon enough right? Hope you are feeling well. I understand about it being different the second time around, especially with the distance between the two being so short. Hang in there. I am praying for you and a healthy pregnancy. Oh and even though I don't comment on all your posts, you make me laugh and nod in agreement many times.

Anna said...

ok. first of all hilarious! you always make me laugh! second of all, ya can't give us that little teaser and then leave us all hanging!!! do fill us in when you can :) i wish we were there to take bennett for a play date and help you out some! big hugs!

Keri A. Ward said...

bahahhah...that is SO stinkin funny!!!

Bennett is getting so big and becoming even MORE precious and beautiful. I have been noticing that pretty hair finally growing in.